Who We Are

Welcome to Hunter Pick!

Are you looking for gun reviews and buying guides? Then look no further as you have reached the right place for that. We at Hunter Pick are dedicated and passionate about what we do. Not only are we avid gun lovers, but Samuel Baker, the founder is a veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert.


This makes us an authentic source of information for sure. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too! He was stationed in Afghanistan for a long time, and that gave him one more reason for handling a lot of firearms than one can imagine.  

We are a team of gun lovers that go out and experience things firsthand. We are completely outdoorsy people that stop at nothing. Yes, but we learn while getting that hands-on experience. As for Samuel Baker, he is like the God that knows everything and helps us understand things without imposing his expertise on us.

The Conception Of Hunter Pick

Hence, we took this opportunity to share our experience of working with him and his skill via Hunter Pick. We somehow convinced him and he agreed to impart his vast knowledge with all of us. This made him think that he can pass this on to more people and thus Hunter Pick was born.

What Do We Offer?

Want to read reliable gun reviews, know about maintenance, hunting, shooting, camping, and more? Not a problem, just run Hunter Pick in your browser and you have us assist you with all the information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make this your number one resource for your queries related to guns, outdoor life, hunting, shooting, and a lot more. We have already put up a few posts about guns and hunting in this site. If you want we can continue doing so, so do let us know via the comments section how you like the posts so far.

You can also tell us about anything that you will like to know more about. We will try our level best to answer that by a post. We also know that there are more specialists out that can also help us grow our knowledge base. We request you all to convey your proficiency in this field to the rest of the group.

A Community

That is correct, we plan to build a community here that will help each other when in need. There is no way better than lending a hand to one another in this world. Ask a veteran and he will tell you the true essence of humanity. He has seen it all and now wants all of us to comprehend that.

He also wishes for us to be more careful while using a weapon. That is to say that we should be know how to use a firearm responsibly. Samuel Baker says “remember prevention is better than cure.” shoot me my mail: samuelbaker@hunterpick.com

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