What’s The Best 5/8-24 Muzzle Brake for 6.5 Creedmoor, .243, .223, .338?

So, you want to throw away that factory muzzle attachment as you get the gun in your hands. Why not? If you are looking for precision, and lesser recoil, then you must get one today.

We have hand-tested the best 5/8-24 muzzle brake in this post. We wanted to check the decibel readings, recoil (of course), and movement of the reticle before we recommended them to you. We have recorded all the information that will help you decide.

Review Of The Best 5/8-24 Muzzle Brakes

Here is a list of the top-notch 5/8-24 compensators that you may want to see:


Quick Summary

Hybrid muzzle brake and compensator

17-4ph heat treated stainless steel with black nitride or bead blasted stainless steel finish

5/8-24 RH TPI

Includes crush washer

For use with the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8 Remington SPC platform


This is the current price of the GAMMA 65 MUZZLE BRAKE 6.5 CREEDMOOR available at Brownells (affiliate link takes you to Brownells).

Now, this is a cross between a compensator and a muzzle brake. This 5/8-24 muzzle brake 6.5 creedmoor can reduce the muzzle flip and recoil to a large extent. We found it to have dampened the rearward kickback in the real sense. It is a solid piece of equipment that will take your shooting experience to another level.

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This is a gorgeous accessory that you can install in your gun. It is built from stainless steel which not only durable; but prevents rusting, and corrosion too. This stainless steel is 17-4ph heat treated which means it has high strength and amazing mechanical properties.

You will be able to upgrade your gun with this muzzle brake or compensator. You get a choice to choose from a bead blasted with a clear stainless steel look or a black nitride finish. It has unique geometries in its chamber that have proven to control the muzzle so very well.


We have to be honest here and admit that it reduces recoil and movement drastically. With a washer crusher installed inside, that keeps the fastener tightly held, you have very little to complain about. This means you have the timing under control too!


This is an affordable piece of gear that you will never regret procuring. Yes, amidst all those high-end and pricey products, this comes as a sigh-of-relief. You may give this a try if you are a first-timer.

One thing if we could complain about the otherwise perfect piece of gear would be its sound. Yes, it is pretty loud, although not deafening, hence is manageable. The fireball produce is huge and this is suitable for indoor shooting as well.

This is a good hybrid compensator and you must consider mounting it if you want to control your gun’s recoil, side to side movement, and barrel rise. This saves you if you have an injured shoulder and helps you focus on your target in a better way.

2. VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake

Quick Summary

Fits all .30-caliber barrels chambered up to .300 Win. Mag.

Fits 5/8-24 TPI threaded muzzles

All-black or bead-blasted stainless-steel finishes are available

Weighs 0.3 pounds

Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake

This is the current price of the VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake available at Brownells (affiliate link takes you to Brownells).

This is arguably the best 5/8-24 muzzle brake 308 that you can come across. It is true, this can improve your AR and you will be amazed to see the results it can bear for you. On the whole, this makes your firing range ups the game for you. Come on now, give it a try.

To be precise, we must tell you that this has more than it meets the eye. Below is a structured assessment that will tell you all about it. Just read it.


Much like the VG6 PRECISION – GAMMA, the LAMBDA PRS30 is made from stainless steel that heat treated 17-4ph®. This implies that this device is a tough nut and is a result of careful engineering.

It has been designed with state of the art technology that makes use of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Not to mention that it has been 100% machined by CNC for that optimal performance. This is also available in bead blasted in stainless steel and black nitride satin (partly glossy). Choose wisely!


Speaking of nuts, we must inform you that the LAMBDA PRS30 comprises of a jam nut. This indicates you can enjoy the tool-less installation of this contraption on your gun. This is a self-tightening device that will not let you down. Isn’t that great? This further denotes that it is easy to install.


The LAMBDA PRS30 is a two-piece muzzle brake that has been designed to optimize accuracy for the precision shooter. The innovative reduction of recoil transforms it into a device that will make you proud while shooting. 

That 11 degrees target crown (ooh) makes it so bold. This four chambers rule of this brake has gone down well with its construction. The first chamber allows gas to pass through, while the remaining three dissipate the gases. Now, this is some engineering and it helps a lot.

For the most part, this brings you a “pleasant shooting experience” as VG6 Precision calls it. This seems to be tailor-made for the 5/8-24 muzzle brake 300 win mag. What more can you ask for?

3. Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brakes

Quick Summary

Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308)

Finish: Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Threads: 5/8-24


This is the current price of the Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brakes available at Brownells (affiliate link takes you to Brownells).

This had been developed ground up and there are no doubts about it. The finesse and precision that it brings along, makes it worth every penny you invest in it. This muzzle brake has a slim body that makes it a great device for your gun.

What we found is that this can reduce recoil by 84% as claimed by Precision Armament. This is again way better than their M4-72 that we have already reviewed. It is 10% higher than the M4-72 and can hold a 35-degree baffle position for that plush bore clearance.

There is more to this muzzle brake that will make you go ga-ga over it. Don’t worry, as we have collated all the information in one place for you. Keep reading.


To start with, this is 100% made in the USA and has a CrCN finish with Ionbond®. Along with this the heat treated stainless steel body (17-4ph) adds sturdiness to it. This is a lightweight, yet rugged gear that is designed with precision.

It is cleaning friendly and is readily available in bead-blasted stainless-steel as well as an all-black texture. You are free to take your call.


What can we say about Precision Armament! It is an industry leader and its lifetime guarantee makes them genuine. The integrated jam nut means you are free to install it free of washers and shims. That means it is easy to fix and you have nothing to worry. Just get a wench and spanner and do the needful.


In terms of accuracy, we must tell you that it gives you precision for that shooting comfort. It is safe from all the gas throwback and hence is considered to be a good investment. With this device, you can expect zero flash increment.

You can tune the gas biasing that can reduce the sight picture movement. This gives the shooter some relaxation while shooting. This connotes that you will actually enjoy shooting by connecting this accessory.

We have found this one to be a quality muzzle brake. We highly recommend it because its varied features and durable body makes it a valuable tool. Think about it.


Quick Summary

Caliber: 6mm

Threads: 5/8-24

Matte-black and stainless finishes available

Universal adapter attaches with any 5/8-inch wrench


This is the current price of the HELLFIRE MUZZLE BRAKE available at Brownells (affiliate link takes you to Brownells).

We sincerely would say that we are in no position to judge Area 419 that has been around 2008. This company what they are doing and what needs to be done. What we are doing here, is recording our observations.

To start with, we have to agree, being avid hunters, we are always on the lookout for accessories that enhance the performance of our firearms. The Hellfire Muzzle Brake by Area 419 is a revolutionary product that has been designed with cutting-edge technology.

We have clarified the most important facts about this product in the sub-sections hereafter. Please read it with care.


This is designed with advanced technology that may sound very complex. However, this is not the case and as it is built from the ground up, you get to enjoy shooting on the whole. It is a user-friendly brake that comes in stainless finishes and matte-black. These have been constructed with high-tech CNC Machines.

Although, if you are looking for a practical looking brake, then we will suggest you go for the stainless finish only. It looks more blended when linked to your gun.


The jump nut makes it easy to install and that is the sole reason why it is also called a self-timing brake. You can connect it without the shims and this makes it a wonderful device. Don’t worry, this maintains the zero when you mount it to your rifle.


As far as quality is concerned, we must start with a 17-4PH stainless steel body that can ward off corrosion and rust with ease. Then comes the part where we say that it is 100% made in the USA.

We have seen it reduces the recoil in the real sense. This is good for a range of calibers like that of .223 to .338 Edge. This actually covers a lot of rifles that make it a real deal. This is a high-performing device that is a must for those who need an upgrade at the earliest.

Correct, you do not have to wait for a gunsmith and you can attach this piece of gear to your weapon all by yourself. That makes it all the more enjoyable. What say? Find it here (insert affiliate like here).

5. Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator

Quick Summary

Caliber: 22 Caliber (.223-.224)

Finish: Black

Material: Stainless Stee

Threads: 1/2-28

Precision Armament M4-72

This is the current price of the Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator available at Brownells (affiliate link takes you to Brownells).

Wait, what just happened? You may be thinking we were discussing muzzle brake and we are all of a sudden talking about a compensator. Well if you don’t want the noise that a muzzle brake fails to curb, then you must get a compensator.

That is right, and this 5 8×24 compensator by Precision Armament can actually reduce recoil. In fact, the M4-72 provides you with industry leading recoil reduction by 73% to 75%. It looks cool and if you are into rapid target engagement, then this is the one to go for. Here is more on it:


As already mentioned, this is a good-looking piece of accessory for your gun. The stainless steel matte finish makes it more alluring. This explains that it is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. What more can you want from a compensator?

Easy To Install

Heck yeah, this is very easy to install and the best part is you can do it yourself. You may need a simple kit like the Accuwasher. Voila, you are done. Yes, it is that easy and if you don’t follow the instructions, then you may watch a video to learn a bit about it.

Alternatively, you may seek help from a gunsmith for the same. Professional assistance may be better than trying your amateur hand if you are not that confident.


Can fit into any caliber right from .243 Winchester to the 338 Lapua Magnum. It has 5/8-24 threads and offers you 65% to 75% recoil, of course depending on the cartridge you are using.

As for the downside, we have to be honest and confess that it makes a huge noise. The gases, on the other hand, shoot right back at you; but is not that bad. If you want to stay on the target and want to avoid muzzle rise for those multiple shots, then this is the one for you.

This is perfect for a .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and even a .338 Lapua Magnum. Yes, that is quite a range that looks pretty tempting. Look Precision Armament is a member of S.C.O.P.E. NY., National Rifle Association Business Alliance, and National Shooting Sports Foundation because of these features. Are you still thinking?

Buying Guide For The Best 5/8-24 Muzzle Brake

Do you know what happens to be the most difficult part when you decide to procure something new? You get confused with the abundance of options. We have tried our best and taken care that this should not affect you adversely, at least not our watch.

Hence, we have laid down a few pointers that may help you decide. We want you to make an informed decision, which is why we work tirelessly for your needs. Here have a look at them:


Oh yes, you have to be very sure about the sound which may be louder with a brake. That is correct, you heard it right because gunfire is sure to make noise.

It may be louder when larger guns are involved. This is why we request you to look into the kind of sound they make while picking up a muzzle brake. Be ready to see a bigger flash as well.

This is why we recommend you wear protective gear like earplugs, gloves, and eyewear while shooting. Everything is available online with a simple click.


Do look into the orientation of a muzzle brake as some are made for right-handed people and others for left-handers. This has to be taken into consideration while obtaining one.


We have to be very candid here, and confirm that these may cost you a little. Plus, the setting up by a gunsmith (if you are not a do-it-yourself person) may also incur a few more bucks. Nonetheless, you need to think of it as a one-time investment.

For it will reduce the recoil and also can provide you with extra support if you have a recoil or shoulder injury. In short, a muzzle brake will only prove to be beneficial in the long run.

5/8-24 Muzzle Brake FAQ’s

How do I choose a muzzle brake?

See, there is no thumb rule to how, although we have provided you with some in the abovementioned paragraph. In addition, you may look into the recoil reduction it offers and then take a call.

Does a muzzle brake improve the precision?

Yes, a muzzle brake can dampen the recoil and this helps people with injuries. Now, about improving accuracy, we can tell you that it does. It also allows faster follow up shots, which again adds to your shooting experience.

How does a muzzle brake work?

In simple words, muzzle brakes redirect the gas that arises from shooting outward. This means the shooting force does not reach you and gives you some leverage. That is all.

What muzzle brake reduces the most recoil?

The Precision Armament Hypertap muzzle brake reduces recoil the most. We have found them to be very efficient, which is why we can vouch for them.

We have provided you all the details that we have collated from our research in an honest way. This post talks about the best 5/8-24 muzzle brake that you will ever come across. We side with the VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 as one of the most proficient muzzle brakes.

We leave it up to you to make that choice and urge you to click here (insert affiliate like here) to procure at least one of them. Let us know which one you opted for via the comments section.

Our #1 Recommendation

Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake

Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake

Caliber: 30 Caliber (.310)

Finish: Bead Blasted Stainless Steel

Threads: 5/8-24

Material: Stainless Steel

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