What’s The Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting?

Are you in the market for a thermal scope? If yes, then guess what, you have reached the right for it. We have all the information that you would need for this. All you need is to read this post about the best thermal scope for coyote hunting until the end.

For starters, we need to add that technology is an ever-evolving machinery. The past 30 years brought some significant changes in night vision technology. This has made trapping easy for hunters and shooters in the dark.

This Golden Age of Technology has made the optics richer, installed computers in the scopes, made a recording, and sharing possible while hunting. Well, you may think there are too many options to choose from, which can overwhelm you. Don’t worry, as we have found you some scopes that can help you in the long. Just keep reading.

How To Choose The Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting?

See, the first thing that we would like you to keep in your mind would be the budget while shopping for the best thermal scope. Price range is something very basic that you must look into. This will help you weed out a few more products and you will get closer to the “one.”

Besides, here are a few more pointers that you can rely on while procuring a thermal scope.

P938 Vs P365


Reticle is a significant part of your scope that you cannot ignore. They are the converging lines that are engraved on the eyepiece. Otherwise known as crosshair, some thermal scopes have just a dot and others may 4 lines to do the trick. The best reticle will help you shoot with precision.


Magnification plays a major role in any scope, let alone a thermal scope. The capacity to enlarge the size of an image a few times certainly helps while hunting. Contingent upon the model, some may have a variable and some may have fixed magnification. Most people prefer the variable type, as they can adjust the size according to their requirements.


The point is, you will be hunting in remote areas and that means you will need a scope with strong battery life. Period. Thermal scopes have limited battery life and the best ones can last for 8 hours at the maximum. Most thermal scopes come with lithium-ion batteries. Some are even supplemented with spare batteries that can be used in times of dire need.


Since the images are digitally generated, hence there could be a delay while refreshing the data. Just remember that the faster the refresh rate is, the better the images would be.


This is not a rule, but you may look into the warranty of a thermal scope that you are interested in, generally. A solid warranty will tell you all about the product as well as the manufacturer.

Top 3 Brands for The Best Thermal Scope

You will come across many brands flooding the market posing as the best thermal imaging scope. Nonetheless, we have picked up a few names that are a real deal.



They are a popular choice when it comes to night vision scopes. As of now, they have ventured into thermal scopes and they have made a living out of it too. Truly, their scope is much valued in the mid-range product category and this makes them prevalent.


Pulsar logo

Do we even need to go beyond the name Pulsar? They have made a mark by winning over the trust of rescuers, travelers, sportsmen, hunters, and survivalists. Their quality is beyond imagination in their respected category. Their out of the box thinking and high-tech devices have helped them accomplish a lot.


Trijicon logo

Trijicon is a legendary optics company that was established in 1981. They are leaders in the optical industry and are renowned for their electro optics, iron sights, red dot, and night sights. They have partnered with the government and various law enforcement agencies for years because of their quality gun accessories.

Furthermore, we have prepared a rundown of a few names that we consider to be topnotch thermal scope for coyote hunting for you:

  • ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Smart HD Monoculars
  • Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini Therma Teo IRMS
  • Armasight by FLIR Predator 640
  • Pulsar Trail XP50
  • IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640
  • ATN Thermal Rifle Scope w/10+hrs Battery & Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Black

Top 6 Scope For Coyote Hunting

Honestly, we have covered all that other thermal scope reviews will not tell you. So, read on.

1. Best Budget Thermal Scope: ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope

Quick Summary

Next-generation ultra-sensitive sensor

Ballistic Calculator

Dual video recording

RAV (Reverse Activated Video)

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B079K29BJY&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mukulhunt 20ir?t=mukulhunt 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B079K29BJY

This is the current price of the ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon).

This is indeed a budget scope that comes real handy for all those first-timers. If you have reservations about spending a bomb on a scope, then this has to be it. It strikes a unique equilibrium of performance and affordability that makes it a perfect thermal scope.

It has a sturdy body made from aluminum that makes it rustproof as well. Now, who would not want that quality in a riflescope? In between, we must also add that it is technologically advanced and you can depend on this scope while harvesting for coyotes, deer, and more.

Why Is It On This List?

Okay, have you heard about the Obsidian IV Dual core technology? In simple words, it makes the scope smarter, helps it to function better, and transfigures it to an all-powerful device. Of course, this makes it more efficient and way improved than its other versions. What more can you ask for?

Who Should Use It?

You could be a firefighter, hunter, rescue and search professional, security personnel, maritime navigator, in surveillance, a road safety officer, armed forces, law enforcer, or a gas detector. All these professionals need thermal scopes in their day to day lives. It is serious business for them and they need quality scopes.


We cannot tell you that since it is reasonably priced, you must go and get it. Nevertheless, we would like to conclude by saying that it brings you value for money. It is easy to use and has a lot to offer. This is a huge improvement over the others in this range for sure.


640×480 pixels of resolution is decent enough

Owing to the Obsidian IV Dual, you get 18+ hours of battery life

You get a long eye relief of 90 mm

Has a zero range of 100 yards

You can stream videos with the built-in video recorder and store them on an SD card

The Ballistic Calculator helps you with ballistics like temperature, wind, humidity, angle, range, and more

Can magnify 1 to 5x


Customer service is a bit dicey

2. Best Thermal Imaging Scope: Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini Therma Teo IRMS-35

Quick Summary

Full 640×480 thermal imager

12 micron pixel pitch

Manual user focus control

30 Hz and 60 Hz frame rates

Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini Therma Teo IRMS-35

This is the current price of the Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini Therma Teo IRMS-35 available at Amazon & Opticalplanet (affiliate link takes you to Amazon & Opticalplanet ).

This does not only look like a military scope; but is AN/PAS-13 compliant as well. This renders it a military-grade thermal scope with highly intuitive control. Trijicon was founded by an ex-US navy, Glyn Bindon. Hence, this sight was bound to have been influenced  y it.

Now, getting back to more civilian use, we can say that it is a perfect sight to spot coyotes, wild hogs, and more. As for the eyepiece, it is compact, yet durable. The REAP-IR has a strong construction, as it is made from aluminum of aircraft-grade (6061). Not to mention, this turns it into a waterproof scope that is a must for survivalists and hunters alike.

Why Is It On This List?

This is more of a weapon sight because it has 5 pre-loaded reticles. This means you can zero on your target and use it just like a riflescope. Besides, the infrared light helps you with seamless transitions of light during the night. This implies that 640×480 pixels resolution is quite good for civilians to hunt with.

In fact, thermal imaging feels more like digital imaging. Much like any infrared imaging, this converts heat into images. However, this image is processed by a CPU and projected on an OLED. Now, that makes all the difference and as a result of this, you get to experience crisp images that are unlikely to be found in other thermal scopes.

Who Should Use It?

Most people that are bothered by wild hog and coyote situations must certainly utilize this at once. Apart from them, hunters, hikers, campers, and survivalists can also make the most of this scope.


This is a professional riflescope that has optics of military-grade. It has digital zooming that can be put to use to target nocturnal creatures at any time. This undoubtedly makes it the best thermal scope for the money.


Expect to get crystal clear thermal images

Its E-zoom can offer you with 8x magnification

Polarity takes 5 seconds to start time only

Can be easily mounted on Picatinny rails

Edge Detect tones down the brightness of night vision scopes

The stadiametric technology helps the reticle to save positions


The battery life is short of 4 hours, but you can extend it

3. Best Under $5000: ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Smart HD Monocular

Quick Summary





ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Smart HD Monoculars

This is the current price of the ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Smart HD Monocular available at Brownells (affiliate link takes you to Brownells).

This riflescope is rightly named after the god of thunder, Thor. The scope is equally sturdy, has sharp images, and has features that are hard to find in scopes in this category. All this makes it a good product for a hike or hunt.

This has an onboard computer called the Obsidian T II that can calculator your target’s movement, make sensors work, and processes data. This technology is used to generate clear images using the heat of an object.

Why Is It On This List?

The brand name is more than enough to give it away. If you still want to know why this, then we must tell you that this thermal scope has a built-in rangefinder. There is no need to explain that this assists you to locate your target while harvesting. It also has an E-compass that facilitates you to find your way.

Oh, wait then there is the GPS, ballistic calculator, and WiFi connectivity that allows storing your hunting or shooting experience locked in. Yes, you can record and share it over and over.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone that is employed in the armed forces, police, belongs to security work, hike, camps, or hunts can make use of this high-tech thermal scope. It detects in real-time and you can rely on this device for accurate projection.


It has a rugged body in spite of being a high-end contraption. It has a shockproof and waterproof body that is a must-have for those spotters, shooters, hunters, and snipers. Finally, it must be added that the ATN OTS-HD 640 has everything that it needs to stay ahead of the curve.


A highly sensitive 640X480 HD resolution

Compatible with smartphones

Has streaming facilities

3D Gyroscope can stabilize the image

This monocular has a magnification capacity of 2.5 to 25x and some of its variants can even go to 50x


Needs to develop the user interface

4. Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting: Pulsar Trail XP50

Quick Summary

Fully Waterproof IPX7

640×480 MicroIR Thermal Sensor

60hz Super Fast Image

DCE: Digital Contrast Enhance

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B094FS438Z&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mukulhunt 20ir?t=mukulhunt 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B094FS438Z

This is the current price of the Pulsar Trail XP50 available at Amazon(affiliate link takes you to Amazon).

Yes, Pulsar is a new player in this game, but they have gained massive traction because of their quality. Their state of the art technology has won over the hearts of thousands of professionals. In the same way, the XP50 is a mobile-friendly device that makes your life easy.

It has long-range viewing and by that we mean 2000 yards of view! With live streaming facilities and internet connectivity, this scope can give its competitors a real hard time. This has 640 AMOLED display is perfect to spot the Trickster that may be hiding in the bushes.

Why Is It On This List?

The cutting-edge technology that has been used in this eyepiece, makes it an outstanding gadget. With 640×480 a thermal sensor and high refresh rate, this can provide you with all that you need and more during a night prowl. You can choose between countless reticle examples and heat displays suitable for any hunting environment. It includes a one-shot zero mode and up to three unique profiles for various rifles.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone that needs to keep watch at night can use it. This suggests that right from maritime professionals, hunters, survivalists, campers, firefighters to farmers can go for this scope.


This is a feature-rich sight that delivers what it promises. It can transfer video for recording remotely and even has a controller. It also has programming to assist you with distinguishing targets which makes it an astounding scope without a doubt.


Is shock-resistant and that translates into high recoil resistance

Has ergonomic buttons and an easy interface

Image refresh frequency is fairly high with 50 Hz

Completely waterproof IPX7

8 long hours of battery life

Built-in video recorder


The mount is considered to be a bit long

5. Best Thermal Scope For Hog Hunting: IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640

IR Defense IR Hunter Mark

This is designed for shooters and hunters to make their shots count. This thermal sight has an ergonomic shape. It is pretty reasonably priced and that gives you another reason to invest in it. With a crisp display and a sleek body, it was sure to have made it our list.

This infrared thermal scope is no different from a traditional one. It is true that comes with more features that are hard to get at this price range. The push button controls are very intuitive and you can use this scope at your convenience.

Why Is It On This List?

This is a high-end scope that supplements MicroIR 12um Micron technology, which implies less power consumption with quality images. It is needless to say that it increases the battery life. While the OLED with Mil-Spec Emagin provides you micro display. This indicates that you will get super crisp images even of a fast moving object. Again, the 12 um ensure to offer you 35% more magnification in comparison with the rest.

Who Should Use It?

Anybody right from hunters, survivalists, law enforcers to military personnel can utilize this scope. Their profession demands to keep a watch at night and this scope ensures that they perform their duties well.


To cut a long story short, we would say this sight simplifies spotting for you. You can count on this one while measuring the ballistics. It is a comfortable eyepiece that is here to make your life easy.


Slim body and the black color makes it look attractive

60 Hz of an image frame

Battery can last for 3.5 to 5 hours

640×480 pixels of resolution denotes bold images

Enjoy the digital contrast

Backed by 3 years of warranty

Is fog-resistant


The addition of a DVR would have made it a perfect scope for the new age user

6. Best Output Scope: ATN Thermal Rifle Scope w/10+hrs Battery & Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Black

Quick Summary

Affordable price for quality thermal scope

Advanced heat detection sensors

Maximum performance with minimum power consumption

Lighter than a medium range

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B091F6BYGB&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mukulhunt 20ir?t=mukulhunt 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B091F6BYGB

This is the current price of the ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope Available at Amazon(affiliate link takes you to Amazon).

This scope can also pass as the best budget thermal hunting scope. It is true that if you ever reflected on procuring a thermal scope, you would think twice. Conversely, the ATN models seem to break free of that notion. They are way affordable and are technically developed.

In the same way, the ATN ThOR LT is designed to do the best, but at a lower price. This sight helps you to focus on things that matter the most. Primarily, what matters is that a thermal scope should be able to spot an object. This scope does more than that and you will find all that explained in this segment.

Why Is It On This List?

The primary function of a scope is to spot and the ThOR LT can verily do that for you. It detects through fog, which is an outdoor person’s foremost requirement. If truth be told, it has to be stated that while harvesting yotes and that too in the winter months, you need a scope that can help you see through the mist.

In addition to this, it is easy to maneuver and has a battery life of 10 hours. These definitely are attributes that have helped it make to this list. Now, do you get that?

Who Should Use It?

Hunters, surveillance specialists, firefighters, and security personnel are a few of the professionals that can make use of this scope. Keep an eye and be vigilant with the ThOR LT.


Overall, this is a simple to use a scope and it positively lives up to the expectations. It has a robust body and will not let you down under any circumstance. You need to experience it on your own.


Is made from an alloy of aluminum that has been hardened

The tube is 30 mm

This makes it recoil resistant

Is a lightweight apparatus

Has good lenses

Consumes minimum power because of a lithium-ion battery

One Shot Zero function ensures that you do not waste both time and ammo

You get thermal targets that aid you while zeroing

It is quite easy to mount

Comes with a quick detach mount


It may tend to freeze if you keep it on for long hours without using


Is it illegal to hunt with a thermal scope?

If you are in the US, then we must say that yes it is very much legal to own a thermal scope as well as a night vision scope. However, you may have a look at the state of California laws for it has some legal concerns for sniper scopes. Yes, a thorough examination may help you with this issue.

Can night vision scopes be used in daylight?

This query must be explained like this, think of your retina that should not be exposed directly to sunlight. Too much light exposure can burn the retina permanently. In the same way, exposing night vision scopes can ruin the sensors right away. Why take a chance?

What is better thermal or night vision?

As far as best thermal scope for the money is concerned, all it does is detect and identify an object while harvesting. It is just used to find the object while trapping or practice shooting. It is a simple device that is utilized for detection only.

On the other hand, night vision is used to not only distinguish and discover, but also helps you with facial recognition. You may not need this while hunting, but may help you to distinguish between a coyote and your precious mutt. Besides, you can see through bushes with night vision scopes, which is not the case with thermal scopes.

How far can you shoot with a thermal scope?

The short answer is anywhere between 200 to 300 yards. This is an excellent choice for hunters in general. If you want the best scope for predator hunting, then you must go for the ones that have precision up to 200 yards.

This is a comfortable range for the average coyote hunter for sure. Yes, we found this to be a good distance for harvesting. There are 300 yards scopes, but they will cost you a bomb. Then again, if you have the budget, then you are free to decide. Who is stopping!

Is an AR 15 good for coyote hunting?

As a matter of fact, most professional coyote hunters prefer the AR 15 for their game. Of course, this rifle with a good powered scope can facilitate to accomplish your goals.

Our Verdict

Talking about the best thermal scope for coyote hunting brings us to one name that of Trijicon. That is so true, we are a Trijicon fan and since it has made to the list, we say what better than it. The Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini makes a wonderful choice.

See, this is our perspective and your requirements may differ. Therefore, we will say that pay attention to your priorities and then decide. For example, many in our team have a liking for the ATN ThOR 4 Thermal because it is an affordable option. Why not? Just go for it.

Our #1 Recommendation

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B079K39M5V&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mukulhunt 20ir?t=mukulhunt 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B079K39M5V

Products Name

Micro Display: 1280×720 HD Display

Eye relief: 9MM

Video Record Resolution: 1280×960 @ 60 fps

Ballistic Calculator: YES

WiFi (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls): iOS & Android

Smooth Zoom: YES

Shane Watson is a Co-Founder veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too!

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