How To Mount A Scope On Ar15?

Do you want to add a scope to your beautiful AR 15 rifle? Are you on a quest to find an answer to how to mount a scope on an AR 15, then you have reached the place. We know if you are a first-timer, then you may find it a bit overwhelming, but follow the steps we have explained in this post.

If you know the proper ways for mounting a scope on an ar 15, then the procedure will not take long. Plus, it is not possible to take a misaligned scope to the range for practice or on a hunting expedition. If you want to know how you can do it without any professional help, then here is a column for you.  

How to mount a scope on an AR-15
How To Mount A Scope On A Ar15

How To Mount A Scope On A Ar15

We follow these exact steps while mounting our AR 15 rifles. Hence, we are writing this from personal experience. We hope, you find this helpful.

  • We start by clearing the rifle, like removing magazines and bullets (also look for if there is one in the chamber)
  • Use the rubbing alcohol and rags or patches (whichever you use) to clean the rail, screws, and mount
  • This will assist you to remove the excess oil and get a grip while installing the scope
  • Then we use the degreaser to clean the mount along with its hardware
  • We assume that you are using a gun vice, so you must place the scope on the upper part of the receiver
  • As for non-cantilever mounts, you will have to place them forward
  • Start tightening the scope with the help of the torque wrench, but remember that different scopes have different torque levels, so do not overdo it
  • Double-check that if the rings are sitting flat
  • Now, place the optic into the mount and add the rings to it
  • Then test the eye relief and find a comfortable position
  • At this juncture, we usually drop the bubble level only after ensuring the rifle is leveled
  • Bring the reticle into line, arrange the crosshair in a line, and make use of the bubble level while achieving success with these things
  • Examine the balance of your weapon
  • If you are done with all these things, all you have to do is to tighten the screws one final time

You are done and have nothing to worry about it by this time. Your firearm is ready, clean, and secured. What more can you ask for? Yes, it is that easy! You are good and have nothing to fear about.

Basic Tools For Mounting A Scope On An AR

Even before you start putting things together, you must ensure that you have some of the basic gears for mounting a scope on an ar-15. We have listed some of the most important ones in here. Have a look.

1. Cantilever Scope Mount

These are a set of two rings that can seamlessly fit into the Picatinny Weaver Rails. This makes the mounting easy and allows you to place the optic in place.

2. Bit Driver

You need to have the right of bits like Hex Bit Tool or a gunsmith’s bits. Having proper bits will make sure that the rifle doesn’t lose torque or gets damaged with improper fittings. It could be dangerous, especially if you are on a hunt.

3. Bubble Level

This makes certain that your scope is aligned both horizontally and vertically with your gun and stays like that. You need to have one around while installing a scope, as this keeps a check on the accuracy.

4. Torque Wrench

Honestly, we have found this to be great to have around. This not only helps in mounting a scope; but in numerous other projects too. You can also call it a fat wrench and it keeps everything locked and secured in place. This wrench ascertains that you do not need any tweaking when mounting a scope on your AR 15.

5. Cleaning Rags And Rubbing Alcohol

You need to clean each and every part before mounting. So, you need patches or rags, and rubbing alcohol to do the needful.

6. Glue

This can keep the screws in place tightly secured. You will be surprised to know that you can take out other screws that are not in use. Think of something in the lines of Loctite.

7. Degreaser

To begin with, you may want to clean the threads before you mount your scope. Keeping your gun clean must be the first thing on the list. Yes, keep it clean and it will last you long.

8. Gun Rest

See, you may get a shooting rest that you can use to keep your gun while mounting a scope on an ar-15. This helps you to put everything in a precise way and you can also check the accuracy of the scope with this. These are easily available online at most of the retail stores.


We have not included lapping in this discussion because unless you are going for a long-range shooting, may be over 600 yards, the process we have mentioned is good to go. There is no need to sand the rings (as that is what lapping is) for short-range shooting, as that is the truth.

Yes, but if you still want it, then you must take your weapon to a gunsmith. Their services are way more reasonable than getting a lapping kit for the rings. Look you are free to take a call for this, but we say there is no need as you already have done enough by mounting the scope on your own.

Your scope sits perfectly well on your AR 15 and you have nothing to worry about. Trust us as that is all you need to know about mounting a scope on an ar. Don’t worry, you will be fine. Hope this has article has aided you to install your scope. Let us know about that via the comments section. Do share your experience with the whole community here.

Shane Watson is a Co-Founder veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too!

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