P938 Vs P365: Which Sig Sauer Pistol Is Better For You?

Are you into concealed guns? Then you already must have decided to go for either Sig Sauer P365 or Sig Sauer P938. Now, the truth is you must have been bewildered to choose one. They are so similar, yet very different, and this must baffle you all the more.

No worries, as we are here to help you with p938 vs p365 situation. What we have done is compared the two pistols for you, so that you can take a call. Have a read.

What’s The Difference Between P938 & P365?

sig sauer p365 vs p938
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Even before we start with the sig p365 vs p938 agenda, we would like to add a few lines about the honorary SIG SAUER®. Heinrich Moser, Conrad Neher, and Friedrich Peyer im Hof in 1853 started a wagon factory. It was established in Rhine Falls in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

They entered this world of sophisticated weapons manufacturing as an insurgent against the Swiss Federal Ministry of Defense. Now, they are one of the biggest names in this sector. Today, they excel at producing the toughest of pistols, rifles, ammunition, and airguns. They are a dependable name for law enforcement agencies, military, and even commercial users across the world.

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What Is The Sig Sauer P365?

It is as they say a “micro-compact” and has an ergonomic design. It is made from polymer-frame and this is why it is a lightweight concealed firearm that you will ever come across. It has a textured grip that adds to your shooting experience.


It has a consistent and smooth trigger

The slide is made from stainless steel and is nitron coated

Very easy to conceal

A powerhouse of a pistol as you get full control over it with precision


Still has minor functional issues

Trigger springs are often bad

What Is The Sig Sauer P938?

These pistols are designed based on the 1911-style and work pretty well as EDC. It also comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety that makes it safe. This also an ultra-small pocket-sized pistol and has a short recoil action that proves to be of help in times of need.


Is an extremely concealed weapon

It is made from an anodized alloy, which signifies no more corrosion

The slide has serrations and that makes it super comfortable for the shooter

Come with SIGLITE® night sights


The grip is narrow

Sig Sauer P365 Vs P938 In-Depth Comparison

There is no end to this discussion and the debate about p938 vs p365 will go on. Nevertheless, we have to deliver what we promised. So, here is a detailed conversation about the contrast between the two Sig Sauer pistols.


See, the Sig P365 is a small pocket-sized handgun that has a short recoil. The Nitron finish and polymer frame lend it a matte look. As of now, it has the lowest bore axis that can reduce flip.

Again, the Sig P938 has a conventional look with ample finger relief. This certainly makes the pistol safe and the trigger guard adds to this as well. It has a higher grip and offers you a flat shooting experience.  


In this dialogue about the sig sauer p365 vs p938 we thought this was the first thing we wanted to talk. Okay, don’t take it as trash talk, but it is true that the P365 diminishes recoil way better than the P938. Yes, that is so true, the polymer frame of the former helps in doing so. While the latter has this traditional feel of 1911 classic and has manageable recoil.


We say that the p938 weight is around 16 ounces and P365 is 17.8 ounces and 23.6 ounces when loaded. You decide which one is convenient for you as both are pretty snug and good as concealed firearms. Why wouldn’t they? After all, they are manufactured by the king of concealed weapons – Sig Sauer.


Again, we cannot agree more that the P365 has a curved and slick trigger. As far as the p938 dimensions are concerned, we can say it has a stainless trigger. Don’t worry, it will not misfire as the trigger has weight and that keeps it secured.

To make it clear, we must mention that the reset distance of the P938 may take longer than expected. While the reset pin of the P365 has a click and is easy.


Sigs cannot come for a low price and that is true in these cases as well. Both the P938 and P365 are costly affair. You have to be ready for this as both the models are expensive and there is no denying it.

Then again, the P365 is slightly economical in comparison to the P938 which is much dearer. It is totally up to select one on the basis of this.


Now, the P365 has a polymer grip, which may be tiny, but gives you full control. Nonetheless, it is smooth and very comfortable to operate. The P938 is convenient to use with it old-world charms.

As a matter of fact, they have the same manufacturer, which is why they are supposed to have many similarities along with these differences. Hence, their designs may also have some resemblances.

For example, a sig sauer pistol will have this typical Nitron coating that makes these two tough as a nut. Both are concealed firearms that will not tell on you while you tow them around. They have a trigger guard that keeps it secured.


In this discussion about the p938 vs p365, all we needed to add was what kind of ammunition goes into the two. So, here we go. The P365 makes use of 9×19mm Parabellum, which has been rated for +P. This means it is perfect for a double-stack magazine because of the high pressure. This is why it has more duty caliber performance than the other one.

As for the P938 9×19mm Parabellum is enough. It most definitely comes with Sig reliability and is a centerfire pistol. This is why, we prefer the Hornady Critical Duty 135 +P to be paired with it. Whereas, Hornady Critical, Speer Gold Dot, and HST 124 +P would do well for the P365.


You will be glad to know that the P365 has a double slack or double-stage trigger. This denotes that you can use magazine capacity of 10, 12, and 15 rounds for shooting. While the P938 is good for only 6 or 7 rounds of magazines only!


Yes, you can customize both these pistols at your will. Although we believe, maybe we are a bit inclined towards the P365 like the majority of people, that it does not require much of customization.

Conversely, Sig P938 may need to alter the trigger and you can also work a bit on its camouflaging. It is completely up to you, but doing so will make it more efficient.

What is Wrong With The Sig P365?

Sig Sauer p365

Initially, when the Sig Sauer P365 was launched it sold like hotcakes in the market. However, Sig soon realized that this weapon had some minor issues which could have bigger consequences.

In the beginning, it was noticed that the guns did not glow in the dark, had weak strikers, and were breaking the round counts. This was quite dangerous and hence Sig immediately fixed these issues. They first stopped production and then fixed the already sold ones. They reached out to every customer to make amends.

This is quite an achievement and only Sig Sauer could have pulled something like this. Growing a brand is not main the thing, but maintaining the reputation of the brand name is the biggest responsibility.

Is The SIG P938 a Good Carry Gun?

There are no doubts about the P938 being a reliable concealed weapon. Moreover, you can use it to plink or use it as a self-defense pistol. This certainly makes it a versatile weapon.

In point of fact, it had been used with other firearms only to find that it had zero failure to extract. You may also use it for dry firing as that will polish parts of the trigger while firing. Just remember to use snap caps when doing so.

Is the P938 Safe To Carry?

Hell yeah! The P938 is way safer than you can think of it. It can be cocked, locked, and put inside a holster for better security. Yeah, that is it. There is a special thing about this Sig and that is a secret.

To be honest, now everyone knows about it and that is the safety that can block the hammer. In spite of this, this pistol makes way for you to slide to cycle and that implies you can load rounds into it when on safety mode. That’s really incredible!

Can You Pocket Carry P365?

Yes, it can be carried in your pocket because of its snug design. It is compact and you do not have to worry about carrying it on you. Nonetheless, there are state laws and statutes that you need to follow.

Just because it is an EDC, there is no point to carry pistols without an additional layer of safety. This is why we recommend you use a holster and lug it wisely along with you. It is more about safety than anything else.

So, you must bear this in mind and act accordingly. For law enforcers and other professionals are well-trained about this. Contrariwise an individual owner may need to know about all this in detail. For guns do bring along a lot of responsibility.

Which is Better Glock 43X or SIG P365?

This is something very subjective and we are not in a position to choose one. All we can do is provide you some details that may help you select one. Hence, we start by saying the Glock 43X is heavier and bigger in comparison to the Sig P365. Here are some more sig sauer p938 specs that may assist you to identify your actual criteria.

As mentioned, the sig p938 barrel length is 3.1-inches, which is slightly short than the 3.41-inches of the Glock 43X. These sig p938 dimensions make the Glock longer (6.5 inches) and the P365 to be shorter (5.8 inches). More or less, the Sig P365 has a decocker or manual safety that makes it secured. The rest is up to you to choose.

What is the Best Ammo for Sig Sauer P938?

If you want to know what kind of ammunition must go into your Sig Sauer P938, then the answer is a 9 mm bullet. To be more precise, we can say that you can use either of these ammos from our personal experience:

  • Ammo 9mm Luger Hornady Critical Defense with the 115 Grain FTX
  • Hornady Critical Duty with the 135 Grain
  • Winchester Bonded (again with 147gr JHP)
  • Speer Gold Dot (but with 147gr JHP)
  • Federal HST (that comes with 124gr JHP +P)
  • Gold Dot (124 standard should be fine)

There are more and your budget along with your requirements should be able to guide you through them. That is all we had to say.


The funniest part is many manufacturers have tried to copy the Sig series, but none have succeeded so far. The point is if you want an EDC, then that must be a Sig Sauer. Period, there is nothing better than that.

We think, you already know our preference by now. Yes, you are right, it is the P365 as it is more versatile of a pistol than it may look like. You will know it once you use it and without a doubt will fall for at once. It is a trustworthy pistol that sells on its own and does not need tons of review.

Hence, even if you want to know which one is better p938 vs p365, then we would suggest that go for either of them. You will end up acquiring a Sig Sauer at least, which is way better than any other option in the market.

Our #1 Recommendation

P365 9MM

P365 9MM


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