Remington 783 Vs 700: Which One Is Better?

If you are an avid hunter or a gun enthusiast like us, then you may have tried a few models by now. So, you are sorted but what about people to this? They may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, because a lot of firearms may look and sound the same, but in reality, are nothing alike. 

For example, compared about rem 783 vs 700. A few may not even realize that they are different, as they look so similar. For shooters, every shot counts and this is why they always look for something more efficient. Here are two rifles that make it worth your time. Just read on to know more about Remington 783 vs 700.

What Is The Difference Between Remington 783 and 700?

Even before starting the argument about Remington 700 vs 783, we must tell you that Remington Country is a 200-year-old company. It had been into building rifle ever since 1816 and have been very innovative. This definitely saw them through the times and today they are the leader of this industry. 

In the same way, mention has to be made about Remington 700 and 783 that they are trustworthy accurate rifles. 

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What Is The Remington 700?

Remington 700 is a collection of bolt action rifles centerfire rifles produced by Remington Arms ever since 1962. This accurate rifle frequently accompanies 3, 4, or at times even 5 rounds of magazines relying upon its caliber. The M40 and M24 of the US military have also utilized a variant of the model 700.


This one has a high speed locking time – 3.3 milliseconds

It has aluminum bedding that avoids flexing

It makes use of M40 tactical stock (Bell and Carlson)

The bolt design holds the barrel in place

The barrel is heavily contoured and is free-floating


The firing pin takes some time to be removed and replaced

What Is The Remington 783?

The Remington 783 came out in 2013 and is a civilian bolt action hunting rifle. We must explain in this Remington 783 review that it makes use of state-of-the-art design and has created a movable trigger with finger safety. It conveys 3 to 5 rounds as per its cartridge arrangement. Below are some of the Remington 783 pros and cons that you can consider before investing in it:


Makes use of CrossFire for its trigger system that keeps your fingers safe

Comes with a detachable steel recoil

Utilizes SuperCell for the recoil pad and that reduces recoil by 54%

The stock is made from synthetic materials

Is accompanied by a 3–9x32mm sight

Competitive pricing


The barrel heats up pretty quick

Remington 783 vs 700 – Details Differences Comparison

We must tell you that these firearms have shown forfeiting precision cost you at all. This implies Remington was the only manufacturer that thought this was possible. This company felt the need for hunters as well and included them into their target audience as well. 

With a secured trigger, free-floating barrel, and embedded stock they changed the game forever. Nonetheless, this is about Remington 783 vs 700 review and you shall have one.


The Remington 700 is a bolt action rifle that was intended for mass production. It has a simple design that looks very attractive. It has precision and zero shiftings are kept to minimal in this rifle, in spite of environmental changes. The marbled look suits it very well and is well-suited for camouflaging. 

The Remington 783, on the other hand, has this sensuous appeal that only gun enthusiasts will understand. It is a lightweight rifle that has this CrossFire™ trigger which keeps your fingers safe. It has this detachable magazine made from steel that enables you to make quick changes. It is ergonomic as well as useful and this makes it a hit. 

Winner: Remington 783


The model 700 is a top-loading firearm, but the model 783 is driven by a magazine. There goes the first difference speaking about loading of the two. In simple words, it can be said that model 783 is easy to load in comparison. 

Winner: Remington 783


If you think the model 783 has compromised accuracy for the price, then you are wrong. The precision is improved because of more mass and inflexibility going through the receiver. Likewise, the trigger and the barrel both work in sync for accomplishing accuracy. 

The barrel is magnum formed with a 24-inch button-rifled fit is way better than you can imagine. The trigger is flexible, yet is set at 3.5 pounds. This element alone makes the Model 783 a well-manufactured rifle for sure.

The model 700 has its flowing into the receiver and that lends it an accuracy. In addition, it has high-accuracy if you want to take it to the shooting range. We have always liked to take it out for our hunting expeditions for this. 

That is to say, accuracy-wise, both the rifles have a close-call. It may sound confusing to first-timers at times because of this but fear not, as we have sorted it out for you. 


When it comes to durability, we must confess in this rem 783 vs 700 arguments that the model 700 is way sturdier than the model 783. It has a solid body, robust trigger, outstanding aesthetics, and enhanced safety. This may be one reason why marine snipers prefer the model 700 over any other rifle. 

Rem Model 783 has this proprietary receiver that is cylindrical. It also has a small ejection port that adds to the tension of the bolt and its detachable magazine. We will still say that the 700 is stronger than the 783 and it is a fact. 

Winner: Rem Model 700


When it comes to attributes, we say the extent of Remington model 783 is somewhat best in class. While we realize that model 700 goes back to six decades ago, its adaptable component, security click lock, accuracy, solid bolt, lighter weight, and renewed trigger actually draws in numerous gun aficionados. 

However, the new crossfire trigger framework of the rem 783, carbon steel magnum, free-floated barrel, free-loading stock, a SuperCell Recoil Pad, a 22-inch loading, and 24 inches of magnum render it an amazing weapon. 

Winner: Rem Model 783


One more thing that must be included in this Remington 700 adl vs 783 conversations is the price point. We have to agree that the Rem model 700 has undergone massive changes and has adapted itself. It is the only Remington to have a really good aftermarket service. This could be the logical explanation as to why it has been priced higher.

The Remington 783, on the contrary, is a basic rifle with too many highlights. It is affordable and has been a great product for those who want to start out in hunting or range shooting. It suits the requirements of a professional as well as a novice and that makes it extra-ordinary. 

Winner: Rem 783

Remington 783 and Remington 700 Some Similarities

Hands down, the Remington 783 and Remington model 700 are part of a bigger picture. They belong to the same house of manufacturing and have many more things in common than what meets the eye. We consider this section as equally important for this discussion. 

So far you have seen how they are different, but now we will like to add a few pointers that will show them to be more alike. Here you go:

  • Both are lightweight rifles
  • Believe us or not, both are budget rifles 
  • They have the same recoil pad 
  • The two are well-built
  • You can count the accuracy of both these rifles without much thinking

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What Is The Difference Between Remington 770 And 783?

The biggest difference between the two is that the Rem 783 is an advanced version of the Remington 770! The Remington Model 770 has been developed from the Remington model 700 series. Now, do you see the connection? Hope this clarifies everything you may have wanted to ask about the Remington 770 vs 783.

Will A Remington 783 Fit In A 700 Stock?

The shortest answer to this is – no they will not fit as Remington does not manufacture rifles to interchange its stocks. Therefore, it is clear that the Remington 783 tactical stock will not fit into any other rifle, be it from the same brand. They have different stock structures that make them distinct.

FAQ: Remington 783 vs 700

Which is better Remington 700 or 783? 

To be honest, the iconic rifle was introduced almost six decades ago and still has got it. It seems it has got the market wrapped to its little finger. People have been sworn by it for ages and they still do. 

However, the main difference between Rem 700 and 783 is that of your mentality. Both are good rifles and from the same manufacturer. We have to agree that the Remington 700 could be more popular, but the Rem 783 rifles are for the budget market. There is no comparison between the two, as they are not here to compete. 

It has to be mentioned that the Remington 783 was introduced to give the likes of Ruger American Rifle, Savage Axis, and Tikka T3 a run for their money. Now you know the truth, so please do not consider Remington 700 to be a substitute for Remington 783.

Is the Remington 783 any good? 

This rem model 783 review would be incomplete if we do not appreciate what it has. It is what it is and there are no qualms about it. The first thing that goes into its favor is that it is a convenient rifle. It can be customized, has an innovative design, and is light in weight. What more do you want from a gun?

It shoots rather accurately which is like the foremost prerequisite of a gun. It has a push feed and the bolt action is aligned 90 degrees. This makes it both smooth and assuring, which adds to your shooting experience. 

If truth be told, this is made especially for hunting and that makes our day. We often work with this one while on a hunting trip, although we never miss out on the 700 too. What we are saying is that both the rifles are ideal for the outdoors. Just try it and you will know it.

How accurate is a Remington 700? 

We can tell you one thing about the Remington 783 accuracy that it is very precise. It had been for years and this is why it has managed to win over so many people. It comes as no surprise that it has a high-accuracy that is hard to miss. 

Are Remington 700 rifles still good? 

It has been good and is still regarded as a reliable resource even for military sniper actions. The Remington 783 bolt action rifle can be used straight out of the box and that makes it a great firearm. Since it had been around for a long time now, you can expect to get better aftermarket services for it. 

How far can you shoot a Remington 700? 

See, to answer such questions we must ask you one thing what kind of cartridge you are using? This will give you an apt reply to this query and will also talk about its accuracy. With that said, we would assume you are using a .270 as it can help you reach 400 yards at the maximum. What say?

Is the Remington 700 a sniper rifle?

This debate about the Remington model 783 vs 700 would go in vain if we didn’t talk about it being used as a sniper rifle as well. Yes, it had served the military during the course of time. Many law enforcement agencies, militia, and snipers use it as a sniper rifle. 

Let us clear the air while talking about rem 783 vs 700 that they are not made to replace each other. Yes, this is the conclusion and you need to remember this as a rule of thumb. Your decision must be based on requirements and purpose. Nothing better can help you define your need. 

Do let us know which one you chose via the comments section. On top, if you have some tricks about choosing the right Remington, then do share it with us too!


I personally recommend Remington 783 model because it has more extra features than the Remington 700 model.

Our #1 Recommendation

Remington 783

Remington 783

Factory mounted and bore-sighted 3–9x32mm scope

Ergonomic, black synthetic stock

Dual-pillar bedding platform

CrossFire trigger system

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