Ruger Mark IV Target Vs Hunter: (2023 Updated) In-Depth Comparison

Ruger is a leading manufacturer of dependable firearms in the U.S. They have more than 40 different product lines with 800 varieties. This is a 73 years old company that knows in and out of the gun manufacturing industry.

So, when we talk about anything created by them, we already know that it is worth a discussion. In the same way, if you want to talk about ruger mark iv target vs hunter, then you are at the right place.

Have a look at this detailed discussion and then decide which one suits your requirements in the best possible ways.

Comparison Table of Ruger Mark IV Target And Hunter

Speaking of Ruger Mark IV Target And Ruger Mark IV Hunter, we bring you a thoroughly prepared chart to comprehend. We will converse more about the two handguns in the next section.

This is a concise way to remember things, so we thought it to be a great idea. Have a look.

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PointersRuger Mark IV TargetRuger Mark IV Hunter
ActionSingle actionThis too has single-action operation
Grip FrameMakes use of stainless steelThe frame of the grip is made of stainless steel
GripCheckered synthetic which is comfortable to holdCheckered Laminate that is contoured with a natural pointing
Weight35.6 ounces44 ounces
RoundsComes with 2 magazines of 10 roundsThis also comes with 2 magazines of 10 rounds
Barrel Length5.50 inches6.88 inches
SafetyManual safety is ambidextrousThis too has an ambidextrous manual safety
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The Difference: Ruger Mark IV Target Vs Hunter

The difference between Ruger Mark IV Target and Hunter is that of pricing. Mark IV target happens to be less expensive and is aesthetically more pleasing. Mention has to be made about the Hunter being lighter that comes along with an adaptable recoil.

There are a few more variations that make these two, otherwise remarkable handguns. Don’t worry, as we are about to discuss all that in a while.

What Is Ruger Mark IV Target?

As mentioned Ruger is a well-known brand in the gun industry. The Ruger Mark IV Target is one more star from their MARK IV™ collection. This handgun is in sync with the motto of Ruger “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®” as well.

This comes with accuracy, fair pricing, and good design. This .22 caliber handgun has the looks and feels really good in hands.

Best Seller


Ruger mark target

Ruger Mark IV Target

  • Model: 40101
  • CALIBER: 22 LR
  • Capacity: 10+1
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Barrel Length: 5.50″

What Is Hunter?

The Mark IV Hunter is specifically made for small game hunting, competition, and varmint hunting. This is one of the most enjoyable pistols by Ruger that is used for survival, target practicing, and even for small game hunting. It has been stunningly crafted that steals your heart at once.

You can find a lot of accessories for this handgun that adds to it. It is a safe firearm to use as it coordinates with the principle of Ruger. This firm manufactures arms for responsible citizens and that is very true.

Best Seller


Ruger Mark IV hunter Pistol

Ruger Mark IV Hunter Pistol, 22LR, 6.8″ Barrel, Wood Grips, Stainless Steel,

  • Brand: Ruger
  • CALIBER: 22 Long Rifle
  • ROUNDS: 10
  • INTERESTS: Target Shooting

Evaluating Hunter and Ruger Mark IV Target

Many would say that the Hunter should not be your only .22 LR option, but we beg to differ. We say that you must select the one that suits your needs. We can guide you about the build, features, and pricing, but we cannot ask you to procure this one only.

We respect your choice and know that you are wise enough to conclude. What we can help you with is to provide you with insights like the following for you to decide.


The Mark IV assemblage has a vintage design that makes them outstanding. However, the features are advanced and that simply makes them the best of both worlds. Target comes in majestic black that makes it look stunning and is lighter than Hunter.

While Hunter’s unique shape with an alloy steel body and a curved non-slip grip. Both the firearms are ergonomically made with a bolt stop. Gun connoisseurs have appreciated this change and Ruger has once again proven that old is gold.


The grip of both Ruger Mark IV Target and Ruger Mark IV Hunter are evenly outlined. This grip is naturally angled and supplements replaceable panels that are not slippery at all. The grip frame is CNC-machined and has one piece pattern.

However, the two differ by build, i.e. to say, Target has an aluminum grip frame. On the other hand, Hunter accompanies stainless steel grip frame.

Sight System

The Mark IV features a drilled and tapped receiver for Picatinny-style or Weaver rails. That is correct you can mount either of these rails on the Hunter or Target with ease as they are easy to bolt. This system has made it effortless for you to mount scopes on your favorite gun.

Moreover, this bolt construction is based on an internal cylindrical arrangement that makes the sight-to-barrel alignment durable. This helps you achieve accuracy in the long run. The only variation is that of Hunter having a fluted bull style barrel and Target comprising of a bull styled barrel.


The barrels of Mark IV descent are cold forged which increase the longevity of the weapons. This forging also aids you to reach exceptional accuracy than any conventional design. We have found the Target to fire consistent shots when required. It can actually outperform any .22 LR handgun in this category.

As for the Hunter is also good shooting game and there are no qualms about it. Both guns can be tuned for precision that will enhance your shooting experience.


We started this post saying Ruger is equal to reliability and we stand by it. These guns are easy to work with, reasonably priced, and are a breeze to maintain.

These can literally fit into the hands of a child as well. You can tune up the accuracy according to your necessities. What more can you ask of a small handgun?

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Is Ruger Mark IV a good collection?

These are a bunch of good-looking pistols from the house of Ruger. Their vintage look with modern attributes makes them a steal.

Who makes high quality revolvers?

. Ruger is one of them for sure and there are no doubts about that. Ruger is a front-runner because of the innovative guns that it comes out with and the Mark IV line is an of it.

When was Ruger Mark IV introduced?

It was in 2016 that the fourth-generation Ruger Standard was introduced as Mark IV.

Our Verdict

Make sure that whichever you opt for serves your purpose. This conversation about ruger mark iv target vs hunter was composed to clear all the doubts you may have while choosing one. We hope we have done a good job here. Do let us know via the comments section about that.

All the best!

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