Canik TP9SA Vs TP9SF: Which One Is More Accurate Handgun?

Honestly speaking, we were really skeptical about using Turkish handguns. We never thought we will review them for you and that they will become so popular over a short span. However, it happened and here we are talking about tp9sa vs tp9sf in this article.

We bring you this post today as we know most of us are pretty unfamiliar with Turkish weapons up till now in the west. So, we request you to read this piece very carefully as we have compared two of the most prevalent handguns from Canik.

What Is The Difference: TP9SA Vs TP9SF

The difference between TP9SA and TP9SF is that of color. Yes, that is correct the TP9SA has a tan body with black accents, whereas, the TP9SF has a matte black finish. The two pistols may look alike, but their trigger mechanism differs too.

TP9SA has a striker decocker and the TP9SF does not have one. There is more and we will discuss all that in a while from now.


Model: Canik Tp9

Manufacturer Number: Hg4863n

Caliber: 9mm

Rounds: 18

Interests: Home Defense Guns

Action: SAO


Model: Tp9sf Elite

Type: Semi-auto Pistol

Action: Striker Fired

Caliber/Gauge: 9mm

Stock/grips: Black Polymer

Barrel: 4.19″

300 Blackout Twist Rate

Sd40 Vs Sd40ve

Canik Tp9 Decocker

What is TP9SA?

Canik is a Turkish company that produces firearms and their accessories. They have made a place in the western gun market owing to their quality build and accuracy. In the same way, the TP9SA is a dependable handgun that performs when you need it.

It is a semi-automatic handgun that is Mod.2 and is ambidextrous. It is a perfect choice for people that want a firearm for self-protection. It has been ergonomically designed and can do anything you like it to do.

What is TP9SF?

A new attribute has been added to the TP9SF and that is the patented Slidelock Retention Holster. This keeps it secured and this explains why it is the cream of the crop for most law enforcement and security agencies of the world. It is available in a beautiful bright color and in black which makes it adaptable too.

It comes with a magazine catch that is side reversible and alternate backstraps that sweeten the deal. The loaded chamber indicator and a long accessory rail make it a good buy.

Table Of Comparison Of The TP9SA And TP9SF

Now that you have been told so much about TP9SA and TP9SF, it is time that we look deeper into it. This is why we have formatted a table for you that will ultimately help you decide. Don’t worry as we will be exploring the properties further.

ActionSingle ActionThis too is a single action gun
ColorDark tan with black accentsFlat Dark Earth (black) and Tan with contrasting black in FDE finish
RecoilEnergetic without negative impactHas a new spring recoil
RoundsThis has 18 rounds capacityComes with 10 and 18 rounds
GripIt has a sculpted gripHas textured, which is very comfortable
Buy NowCheck PriceCheck Price

Appraising TP9SA And TP9SF

Canik has taken developing their guns very seriously. This has resulted in the manufacturing of quality handguns and accessories. We thought these guns were supposed to be unimpressive and not at all worth our time, but it wasn’t the case.

On the contrary, we found these guns to have been packed elegantly. Yes, Canik seems to have taken care of that in a positive way. They impressed us right out of the box because the texture of these guns was like a breath of fresh air for the gun industry.

Since, we are here to discuss Canik TP9SF and TP9SA, so let us start with it without digressing any further. This will clear all the doubts that you may have regarding Turkish weapons.


Canik is very conscious about designing its handguns. They are not only pleasing by sight, but also are sturdy enough. Mention has to be made that the TP9SF has a longer slope that offers the shooter a better field of view. If you ever use it, then you can hardly tell the difference too.

We have observed one more feature in both the models that of a hash mark. This helps to comprehend the sight alignment very well. This is a great characteristic, especially for beginners. We have found this to be quite user-friendly when going for close-range shootings.


Yes, these are reliable handguns that live up to what they promise. Their performance is based on our experience and from that we can say the TP9SA is a drudger.

On the other hand, the TP9SF may have an occasional issue with the second round firing, but it is for a relatively short time. Nonetheless, these models are very accommodating and adaptive.


The TP9SA has an accuracy of multi-tasking and full-sized pistol. TP9SF takes precision to another level which makes these handguns high rather accurate weapons.


The TP9SF has a single action trigger that has been coated with nickel. This firearm comes with a textured grip that is easy to grip as well. The TP9SA also has single action trigger that delivers precision. You can pull really fast follow up shots with a comfortable grip.


The TP9SA and TP9SF have 18 rounds of a magazine. These can last you for long, if you consider them to be a self-defense weapon. In fact, the TP9SF also comes with 10 rounds pistols. You can choose what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can Canik be better than Glock?

In general, Canik guns are considered to be better than Glock. The reason for this lies in the fact that Canik costs less than Glock. Hands down, the Turkish brand is trustworthy as they have established themselves.

Does any military make use of Canik?

Yes, Turkish police and military use Canik pistols. In addition to this, there are many law enforcement and security agencies that utilize Canik as their primary weapon.

Is Canik reliable?

Canik is made from polymer and is a striker fired gun. This means you get more control over it and with good precision. All this makes it a super reliable gun for sure.

Our Verdict

Talking of tp9sa vs tp9sf, we can say both are very impressive. It may not be that easy to find non-American guns to be so remarkable. Canik has proven its worth and companies like this are making their way into the western market.

It is true that Turkish weapons have already been substantiated for entry-level tactical shotguns. As of now, they are making their way into handguns as well. You are free to make your choice.


Shane Watson is a Co-Founder veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too!

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