Tp9sa Vs Tp9v2: Which Is Better for Shooting

Are you looking for a concealed firearm? You may have even found and now are confused about which one to opt for. Like in this case it becomes really hard to decide between the two Canis weapons TP9SA and TP9V2. Don’t worry as we have got you covered for this.

We have dedicated this post to tp9sa vs tp9v2 discussion. We will request you to go through the whole post for a better understanding.

Difference Between TP9SA Vs TP9V2

The main difference between Canik’s TP9SA and TP9V2 is that of the color, to begin with. The TP9SA is a dark tan and the TP9V2 comes as a remarkable black beauty. Again the TP9SA model has a decocking button that acts as a safety lever. Nonetheless, the TP9V2 is the choice of law enforcement agencies because of its solid build and performance.

What is TP9SA?

What is TP9SA

Did you know Canik means a protected place? Interesting right? This got us started and of course, handling the guns was the biggest factor that compelled us to write this post.

The Canik TP9SA is a Mod.2 ambidextrous semi-automatic pistol. This weapon can withstand a lot of water, heat, dirt, and sand. It is a popular choice for many modern-day self-protection enthusiasts.

It has 4.46 inches barrel, is a single striker, and can fire 18 rounds. The most prominent aspect of the TP9SA is its decocker. This is an astonishing attribute on a single action gun. The trigger is dead even if the decocker decocks the gun. One reason for installing this feature is owing to the governmental mandate.

What is TP9V2?

What is TP9V2

Did you know that the TP9V2 once was known as the “Glock Killer?” As of now, this is a rarely found firearm from Canik. It is available in black as well as burnt bronze and can go for 18 rounds.

At present, this is for right-handed users only. It does not have a decocker and the blade safety is placed into the trigger. This pistol comes with Warren Tactical sights that make it a steal.

A Comparative Table Of The TP9SA And TP9V2

The truth is, this Turkish manufacturer of firearms knows how to build superior quality handguns. They are into this for 20 years and that happens to be a lot of experience. This shows in their products for sure.

We have made a table for you to get a bit of an idea about the two. It is really difficult for a beginner to comprehend all this. So, here is a compiled list of what you can rely on:

300 Blackout Twist Rate

Glock 34 vs 17: A Comprehensive Comparison for Shooting

Tp9sa Vs Tp9sf
ActionSingle ActionSingle Action/Double Action
ColorDark TanBlack
RecoilGoodGood and has no negative impact
RoundsThis has 18 rounds capacityEven this one has 18 rounds capacity
AvailabilityReadily available on their site and some online retail stores tooScarcely available

An Evaluation of TP9SA And TP9V2

We have gone an extra mile for you and have found some more differences between TP9SA and TP9V2. We have collated all the data in this section of the post. Do read it with care if you really want to reach a conclusion.

Before we start, you must remember that the TP9 is manufactured formed on the German Walther P99 semi-automatic pistol range. The TP9 has a remarkable element of adding double-action/single-action (DA/SA) on a striker handgun. Let us have a look at the variances between TP9SA and TP9V2 in detail.

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Barrel Size

When it comes to barrel size the TP9SA wins the case hands down. It has a barrel size of 4.46 inches, which is longer than the TP9V2. This implies that the TP9SA is more accurate and has a better sight radius. Whereas, the TP9V2 is short and easy to carry as a concealed weapon.


TP9SA has the decocker on the top of the barrel. The deocker in this case decocks the gun in the real sense. However, the trigger remains to be dead on doing this. Now this is a deal-breaker for a lot of people, which is normal.

Again, the decocker is placed on the right in the Canik TP9V2. Many even say that it has Glock type safety.


To tell you the truth the TP9V2 has a heavier pull of the trigger. It may need some practice for a beginner. Unquestionably, this makes it safe to carry, and the TP9SA trigger is nice and easy. Like any other striker fired handgun, this one also has a trigger with a blade style. This works as a safety drop while in action and is considered to be better than Ruger and Glock!

Still, we would say that both the guns shoot very accurately. The decocker is not that complex to handle and the trigger has a short reset time. Yes, these guns can be kept at the bedside or can be carried as an everyday carry (EDC) weapon.


By any chance is Canik better than Glock?

A few will tell you that Canik is better than Glock any day. It is their perspective and we say both are good. They may serve the same purpose, but they are different. Canik usually comes with 18 to 20 rounds and Glock pistol can hold 17, 19, to 33 rounds.

Is Canik used by the military?

Yes, the Turkish police and military use Canik pistols. Besides, many law enforcement agencies and private security organizations use Canik as a primary weapon.

Has NATO approved Canik?

The barrels of TP9SFX are specific to NATO. Hence, it is approved by NATO because of its steadiness and ability to shoot rounds after rounds in quick succession.

Our Verdict

Speaking about tp9sa vs tp9v2, we think both are equally good in terms of build quality. Canik has used impressive machinery to make them reliable enough. However, we will like to add that it is a requirement that should help you choose the model of your choice.

Be wise and make the right choice. If you are here for personal safety, then you must be doubly sure of what you want to invest in.

Shane Watson is a Co-Founder veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too!

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