Why Is My Golf Rangefinder Blurry?

Every golfer knows well the importance of rangefinders because of their precise and accurate distance measurement. Normally, Rangefinders are used to measure the distance between golfers’ position and the target that they take.

In spite of being more complex and lighter than SLR, the users need to be getting used to its features and maintenance. Recently, Golfers have been facing some troubles like foggy, hazy, and blurry images. Certainly, there are some real reasons behind such blurriness.

Why does it occur and how it occurs? Different questions arise in the mind of a golfer. By going through the article, we can uncover these issues. Let’s start our journey to explore.

Why is My Golf Rangefinder Blurry?

Golfers have been using rangefinders for many years to determine the distance between the target and the shooting place. without using golf rangefinders, a golfer can’t determine the accurate distance.

Golfers have been getting experiencing blurriness in their scope. It’s a real matter of concern for the golfers if they can’t see the target spot properly due to blurriness.

There are some reasons behind this problem which need to be solved. If the rangefinders have lower sensitivity to light, this problem can occur. if this problem occurs, it is due to a faulty lens. For this reason, golfers can’t see the target properly because of blurry.

Besides of above reason, a blurry problem may have occurred if you don’t clean your lens. Without regular and proper cleanliness, the lens and scope can be dirty and untransparent. This problem may raise more problems including insufficient batteries and a blurry exterior.

In order of getting the best view, you should always keep your scope clean.
To get rid of such a problem, you can replace your old battery with a new battery. It is so easy to replace the batter by changing the cap with the new one.

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Calibrating the Rangefinder to Fix the Blurriness

If you don’t see the screen properly or the images are very blurred, you should change the surroundings of your camera. It will be better to calibrate your rangefinder and it’s a simple process. you don’t need to worry about how to calibrate. It’s quite simple and it doesn’t need any difficult process.

You can proceed to calibrate by following the steps:

  • Switch off your device.
  • Remove any lens caps that are attached.
  • Target the rangefinder at some point at least 50 yards away.
  • First Press and hold down both buttons and you will see the word “Calibrating” appears on the screen. Then, calibrating will be finished.

How to Clean the Golf Rangefinder Lenses

If you think that your lenses are dirty, you should remove the dirtiness from the lenses. It’s a common reason for the lenses to be blurred due to lack of cleanliness. Here are a few tips on how to clean your golf rangefinder lenses.

  • By using a soft and clean cloth, You can clean lenses.
  • If it doesn’t work at all, you need to try using a LensPen for cleanliness.
  • If the lenses remain still dirty after using a LensPen, you can try using a soft brush to gently brush away any debris.
  • If the lenses remain dirty after brushing with a soft brush, you should use a compressed air can to blow away the remaining debris.
  • If the lenses are still dirty after using compressed air, you can try using a lens cleaning solution and a soft cloth to clean the lenses. After following these tips, your golf rangefinder should be clean and clear!


I have tried to find out the causes of the blurriness of rangefinders and I have explained some probable solutions in the above article. You can reach a decisive solution that your rangefinder needs regular cleaning.

The possible way to solve any problem is to maintain it perfectly. You can change your batteries periodically. After all, You must take care of your rangefinder in a good way and keep it always clean.

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