How Should You Hold A Handgun For Maximum Accuracy?

Do you want to know how to hold a handgun? Chances are high that you are a beginner and you still are looking for answers. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned shooter also, you can read this post to get some updates.

So, the big question is how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy? The point is, you may be a shooter, hunter, or just want to protect yourself from a perpetrator; you must know how to hold a gun in the least. Although, there is no thumb rule that you should follow, yet we can provide you some effective tips that will work in your favor.

Here, read this post to get all the information about this and more.

So, How Should You Hold A Handgun For Maximum Accuracy?

We have to admit that using a handgun is no easy task. It could be a small weapon, but it brings a strong recoil. Neglecting it may end in a bad shot and it may even hurt you in the long run. Hence, we urge you to read this section thoroughly to know how to hold a handgun.

1. Position

Your standing position an important part of the job as your stance has a lot to do with your maximum accuracy. We are assuming that you have already decided on your range. This will further aid you in reaching proper shooting accuracy.

For this, you must stand with a straight back and remember no leaning. Stretch your arms and keep them straight and no bending of arms is allowed for that precision. Use your eyesight to focus on the target and analyze it. This is just the beginning and follow what comes next.

2. Utilize Your Arms

It goes without saying that your body is in control of your accuracy of shooting. Always bear in mind that your hands should be in line with your chest. Keep your arms straight and make sure they coordinate with your eyes.

3. Relax

This is probably one of the significant factors that can make or break your shooting experience. You need to enjoy it and for this, you must relax your shoulders. Do not let your body tense up as this will have an adverse effect on your accuracy for shooting.

If truth be told, then we have to tell you that stiff shoulders will only exhaust your arms. This will certainly create a problem with the recoil as you need to steady and firm arms to endure that.

4. Usage Both Hands

That is correct, forget the one-handed grip from the movies. It may take you years to master that kind of stance. Plus, if you are a beginner, you may not be able to balance and aim a handgun accurately with one hand.

Hence, it is advisable to use both hands, if you have started with shooting. Make sure that you hold the gun appropriately with your fingers. You should not feel discomfort in your fingers or any other part of the body while firing. Take time to learn and revel in every moment.

5. Control Your Breathing

Did you know that your breathing has a lot to do with perfect accuracy? Of course, there is a connection and we will explain that right away in this segment. The trick is to align your breathing with your sight and target. That will do and this will help you figure out the best way to hold a pistol as well.

When the chest expands and contracts, it usually improves blood circulation. This further aids you to concentrate on your target. Yes, you must time your breathing with your hand when you inhale and exhale. We advise you to fire when you are exhaling.

6. Sights

As we all know there are two sights in a handgun. One is the rear sight and the other is a rear sight. Now if you want to focus on both, your vision may get blurry. So, what is the solution to this?

Easy-peasy, you need to align the sights and then bring your target together. That is very true, as sight alignment is a major part of achieving that accuracy. Yes, if you want to know the proper way to hold a handgun, then you must find out ways for proper sight alignment as well.

7. Target

No, not the departmental store, but your aim. Yeah, we get it, it was a pretty bad joke. Come on lighten up a little! Practice with a bullseye target or with several images. You can even make triangles and circles to practice shooting. It is totally up to you.

8. Shoot

Shoot as you have done everything required to make that shot count. As you finish the first shot, adjust the trigger and shoot continuously to see how well you perform. Remember, it may take years to perfect that shot.

9. Confidence

Now, this is the ultimate killer that adds to your performance. Be confident, you will be relaxed and this will improve your exactitude. This will be a booster as it prepares you mentally as well as physically to achieve that precision.

10. Gears

Make sure that you bring your shooting gear along with you. Irrespective of whether you are hunting in the wild or at a shooting range, you must carry your gears with you. Gears like protective glasses, gloves, gun case, and the target for practice (at the range) must be there with you.

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What Is One-Handed Grip?

Although, we will always ask you to use both hands while firing, yet we know there can be times when you may need to use only one hand. You know that sudden arthritic pain or may be while protecting yourself under attack, you may need to use the one-handed grip.

The question is how will you do it? Then, you may also ask how to hold a pistol for accuracy? A tight grip with one hand, is that possible? Yes, it is a viable idea, but you may need to train yourself a bit for this.

Don’t worry, we have found a way around this as well. Follow these basic steps to learn this technique too:

  • Start by extending your forefinger and thumb to form a V
  • Now place the webbed part of this V on the pistol
  • Keep your hand as high as you can
  • Hold the gun in such a way that the rest of the three fingers point at you
  • Rest your thumb on the side of the handgun
  • Pull the trigger with controlled pressure from the three fingers
  • This will create that perfect trigger squeeze and you can slowly release it
  • Always keep your index finger out of the trigger guard for safety reasons

What Is The Natural Point Of Aim?

You need to be relaxed and we cannot but emphasize this more. Finding the natural point of aim may take you some time. However, we believe with little practice, you can nail it.

How will do it? Below are a few steps that you may follow to find your natural aim.

  • First of hold your firearm with the two-handed grip
  • Then adjust your sights with your target
  • Now close your eyes for 3 to 5 seconds and take a deep breath
  • Open your eyes and check on the sights
  • There should be no change, in case, there is any change, then we would advise you to check your stance
  • This suggests that you must keep an eye on your sight alignment
  • Adjust it if required, and then repeat all the above steps

This will only make support you to get your natural aim. Just keep practicing until you are satisfied and find some more ways of getting things in line. Once you do, you will have discovered a super comfortable aiming style that will make things easy.

You may be aiming at the range, plinking, or hunting, if you know the secrets to aim at an object at ease, things will seem to be very easy for you. You will literally make every shot count and make the most out of your shooting experience.

The biggest trick is to practice, practice, and practice every day. This will help you uncover a lot many things on your own. Self-training is the best way to learn a thing. Why not try it and then see what wonders you can do?

FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Eye Protection Should You Wear When Shooting A Firearm?

Did you know that shooting can damage your eyes and can cause hearing loss permanently? You heard it right, it is that dangerous and you should know it. This implies that you must be careful while using any kind of firearm.

You know the recoil, firing releases of gases, then there are weather elements like dust, sun, and wind. It is needless to say that you use protective eyewear to save your precious eyes. For this, we recommend you to:

  • Wear protective eye for safety all the time
  • You may be range shooting or hunting, regardless of these activities, you must invest in quality sports goggles as they come with a strap for ease
  • If you have prescription glasses, then you must consider using shooting eyewear
  • You may opt for polarized, AR or anti-reflective coating, or photochromic lenses as per your convenience

The bottom line is it is better to have protective eyewear while shooting. Be it a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, you must have safety on for your good.

What Is The Most Stable Gripping Procedure For Handgun Shooting?

Be it the Chapman or the Weaver Stance, you need to find your own convenient position. Yes, you may replicate these stances, but you need to develop your own comfortable posture.

To tell you the truth, finding the most suitable gripping method can be followed something like this:

  • Always use a two-handed grip for safety and better clasp
  • This grip must be high as this ensures that the recoil hits your hand
  • This grip must be high as this ensures that the recoil hits your hand
  • This, in turn enhances your accuracy

When Firing A Handgun, How Far Should You Hold It From Your Body?

You know what each part of your body plays a critical role in the shooting. Breathing for example is one and heartbeat is another, you know follow the rhythm section while shooting.

Likewise, we would like to alert you saying you must place your handgun at a safer distance from your body. This is more for safety reasons than anything. For instance, do not draw your handgun till you really need it. This is for the safety of all and additionally, use a holster strap to keep your handgun locked in place.

Wait, as there is more to how far should you keep a handgun away from your body while shooting. This will only assist you to properly hold a handgun and be safe at the same time.

  • Please keep your fingers away from the front of the trigger as the revolver can cause burns when fired
  • Do not use the tip of your finger to pull the trigger, use the joint of the finger instead
  • Handguns as a rule of the thumb must be fired at arm’s length
  • In fact, the slide and hammer of semi-automatic handguns can cause severe blows if held too close to your body when shooting

See, there are a lot of techniques that you can follow once you have found the right ways. There is no need to ask anyone how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy? We have answered all that for you in here.

We agree that different people will have their own comfort zones and stances. What we are saying is you can work out a way and implement these procedures. These practices will only help you enhance your skills with your firearm. All the best!

Shane Watson is a Co-Founder veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too!

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