How to Fix a Bushnell Rangefinder: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to the rangefinder, you expect your rangefinder to work well. You don’t feel comfortable if your device doesn’t provide the expected results. Suppose, your Bushnell rangefinder can’t focus your target properly. So, you are upset about your favorite Bushnell rangefinder.

To solve different problems of your rangefinder, my article will help you significantly. How will my article help you? First of all, You can learn the common problems you may face in your Bushnell rangefinder. Secondly, I have discussed how to fix your Bushnell rangefinder in a step-by-step way.

Finally, I mention some important reminders that should be followed during your rangefinder lifetime. Let’s check out your Bushnell according to this article.

Why is It Necessary to Keep Your Rangefinder Ready?

You know well about the importance of a rangefinder for your hunting or golfing career. Well, If your rangefinder is in trouble or has problems, Will you be able to use it perfectly? The simple answer is NO. To confirm the all-time use of your rangefinder, You should always keep your rangefinder ready.

But You may not always find your rangefinder what you expect every time. This is why you should focus on some issues like knowing the common problems of your rangefinder that you may face and how to fix these problems. Let’s make a trip on how to fix your Bushnell rangefinder.

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Common Problems with Bushnell Rangefinder

Have you ever thought about why your rangefinder is blurry? there are some common problems you get familiar with when you use it. First of all, You should not desire the perfection of any device after using a definite time.

You may face different types of problems during the lifetime of your Bushnell rangefinder. Mainly, you may face the following problems like a dead battery, malfunctioning buttons, incorrect reading, foggy lens, and focusing trouble.

Dead Battery

There are two types of battery systems in rangefinders. One is replaceable and the other is rechargeable. If your rangefinder doesn’t work well, You should bring the battery issue into your mind. Battery life is important in a rangefinder.

Sometimes, the battery can be damaged if your rangefinder gets wet or drop in water. Besides, the battery problem can be started from the battery port.

Malfunctioning Buttons

In your Bushnell rangefinder, there are some important buttons for power, mode selection and distance measurement. If these buttons don’t work perfectly, you won’t get the expected results.

For example, the Mode selection buttons don’t work well. For this reason, you can’t select different types of modes during hunting or golfing.

Clean these buttons with soft clothes or tissues. You can check out the Bushnell Manual to fix the malfunction of buttons.

Incorrect Reading

How do you get results from your rangefinders? Well, Your rangefinder gets some images after bouncing back of light that you through from your rangefinder. Your rangefinder calculates these lights for measuring distance.

If your rangefinder doesn’t read these images perfectly, you won’t fix your hunting target. So, incorrect reading is a key problem for your Bushnell rangefinder.

Focus Difficulty

When you target something, your target focus isn’t good at all. you have logical reasons to be worried. Blurring lenses and inappropriate mode selection can affect your target focus.
So, clean your lenses and clean the front area of your rangefinder. Without focus difficulty, you can’t measure your target distance precisely.

How to Fix a Bushnell Rangefinder

Bushnell ragefinder is a chosy device for the golfers nad hunters. To keep it for proper use, You should fix the following factors and solve in step by step.

1. Check the Batteries:

Normally, we keep the battery problem in the first place to fix any electronic device. Your Bushnell battery can be damaged for different causes. Dropping rangefinders in water or finishing the lifetime of the battery are major causes of battery damage.

To solve this problem, you should change your previous battery. you can replace you with a new battery from the Bushnell brand. Another problem may rise from the battery port. If your battery port is dirty or nasty, the battery won’t work well. So, clean your rangefinder port in a manual way.

2. Clean the Lens:

Then Lenses are the second priority because you look through the lenses. Actually, the lenses of any rangefinder play a pivotal role in fixing the target precisely. If your lenses are blurred or foggy, you can’t fix your target. there are several reasons to be blurred or dirty. Dust, fog, or touching water can blur your rangefinder.

So, Cleaning your Bushnell lenses in a simple way can solve this problem. Use soft clothes or anything like that during cleaning lenses. Remove dust from the exterior area of the lenses. Don’t pressure your lenses. It can damage lens quality.

3. Reset the Device:

As a user, you need to know about the setting system. If you don’t know, you can not run your rangefinder in a perfect way. check the mode button, reset your setting system, and use the distance measure button in a proper way.

Check the setting system. Put adjusted parts properly. Resetting is important for troubleshooting any rangefinder. So, before going a final decision you need to reset your device.

4. Update the Firmware:

Your Bushnell brand may bring updates to the firmware system. So, If the rangefinder is still not functioning properly, check the Bushnell website for any firmware updates and follow the instructions to update the device.

Keeping firmware updated means getting the new version of the firmware. The new version of firmware will increase the quality of your Bushnell rangefinder.

5. Proper Alignment:

Take a look at your rangefinder using the manual. Without a manual, you can’t align your rangefinder properly. There are different parts of a rangefinder like a lens, reticles, buttons, and angle system. If you want to use your rangefinder, you should fix them.

6. Contact customer support:

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, contact Bushnell customer support for further assistance. They may suggest sending the device in for repair or replacement.

What You Should Always Keep in Mind the Following Factors?

During your rangefinder lifetime, you should not skip the following factors. You can keep them in your during going out for your hunting or golfing.

  1. Don’t drop your Bushnell into the water because it will damage the battery, lenses, reticles etc.
  2. Keep your lenses always clean as your rangefinder lenses are the pre-requisite of focus targetting
  3. Click buttons properly so that they can function well.
  4. Don’t drop your device on earth or don’t throw it randomly.
  5. Check the battery and use your device through a manual system. Keep updated.
  6. Take your device to the Bushnell service if it’s essential.

Before You Turn the Page

It’s not guaranteed that your Bushnell will not be affected by your Usage and environment. When you will face the above challenges, you should fix them by yourself first. As a hunter or golfer, you must take care of your device.

You must turn your device carefully. Most importantly you should not drop your rangefinder into water or throw it on the floor.

Don’t forget the important key points that I discussed immediately before of conclusion. If you can’t fix it by yourself, you can take it to the service center.

Shane Watson is a Co-Founder veteran. He had served the forces for years and that makes him quite an expert. His years of handling guns of all kinds made him not only a gun enthusiast but a thoroughly experienced one too!