Do You Need a Rangefinder for Bow Hunting?

Have you ever explored the versatility of rangefinders for hunting? As a hunter, you need to know why rangefinders are important for your hunting career.

If you want to know how much important of rangefinders are in bow hunting and deer hunting, you are in right place. I have designed this article on different queries of rangefinders on hunting.

This article will take you on a new journey that will enrich your hunting knowledge. If you are an archery hunter, how rangefinders will boost your archery hunting? To know about this question, Go through the whole article.

GPS is an essential device in position and distance measuring, but is it better than rangefinders? Don’t skip the ending part of my article if you are interested in GPS for hunting.

If you are honest to be a successful bow or deer hunter, you are on the way of the exact page to explore your confusion. Let’s make a trip on your queries.

How Important is a Rangefinder for Bow Hunting?

Moment of Truth: How to Use a Rangefinder For Bowhunting

Obviously, Rangefinder is an important factor to get a better result in bow hunting. When a hunter takes a shoot, he/she doesn’t want to miss his/her target. To be a successful hunter, you need to fix some issues like measuring distance exactly, hitting the target accurately, and observing the target place precisely.

Without rangefinders, you may face some challenges that will lead you to a failure hunter and you don’t want to smash your hunting career apparently. What are the challenges you may face without a rangefinder?

First of all, you may face uncertainty and secondly, you won’t be able to take any shoots accurately. Unexpected incidents can occur during your hunting. This is why rangefinders are important when you go out bow hunting. Why you should take your rangefinder before making a trip for hunting? The following reasons will explore your challenges.

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# Measuring distance precisely

You know every rangefinder that works based on calculation. When you shoot your rangefinder’s beam, It hits the target and bounces back with the information.

Afterward, your rangefinder calculates the distance by converting the time of the beam which went through the distance.

For this mathematical calculation, you get an accurate distance and you can make a successful shoot. So, you can measure distance in your bow hunting by using a rangefinder.

# Targets become closer

It’s can be more logical to say that you can make it closer to your target by measuring the exact distance. For example, when you see your prey, you set your rangefinder. Through the lenses of your rangefinder, you see the target seems to be closer than the empty eye. This closeness makes you more confident in your hunting field.

# Fixing the issues of horizontal distance

You don’t get your prey in flat and plain areas in every time. Sometimes you face different terrain like steep, horizontal, and angle places. To fix such unavoidable challenges, you must use a rangefinder.

# Tool for stalking

Every rangefinder is effective when you stalk around the target. Personally, I am so yearning for my target if I see my target once. Without a rangefinder, the stalking will go in vain. So, If you want to stick around your target, you may not forget your rangefinder.

Do I Need a Rangefinder for Deer Hunting?

The simple answer is YES. A hunter always tries his best to be a successful hunter but everybody can’t become so. Deer hunting is a little bit challenging and the hunters need some fantastic criteria.

He must be keen-looking and qualities of taking an immediate shoot because deer are so speedy and fast. Besides these criteria, you should take a rangefinder before going out for deer hunting. These are the following causes why you must take your rangefinder during deer hunting.

# Removing Uncertainty and Guesswork

As a hunter, you shouldn’t depend on your guesswork because it will make you uncertain in deer hunting. I emphasize you utilize your rangefinder for the purpose of your successful hunting. Don’t waste your time with your guess and uncertainty.

# Preparation for Successful Hunting

Do you go hunting without spot out any suitable place? To find out a possible spot for hunting, you need to solve some issues like perfect position, angle, and ground condition. You need to fix your position from where you want to take a shot. So, you must use rangefinders to clear your spotted area and clear the obstacle from your targets.

# Avoid the Unexpected Mistake

Target mistake is common in any shooting but it’s not expected in deer hunting. Presumably, deer aren’t seen randomly and they are very fast. So, If you miss your targets frequently, you will be hunted to your heart. To improve your confidence level, you must be sincere in using a rangefinder in deer hunting.

# Make Closer Your Target

Supposedly, You can smell your prey from any distance if you apply a rangefinder because it will make your target closer. This will charm your finger to take a shot and increase your confidence.

Do You Need a Rangefinder for Archery?

Do You Need a Rangefinder for Archery?
Rangefinder for Archery?

Yes, you need a rangefinder for archery. Actually, Archery is an ancient practice when archers were so professionals because It was their main weapon to manage their food. They used their traditional strategy to pick their prey.

But nowadays Rangefinders are essential for archers because they help them to take more accurate and precise shots. Rangefinders measure the distance between the archer and the target, allowing them to make adjustments to their shooting form accordingly.

Rangefinders can also be used to determine the wind speed and direction so that the archer can adjust their shot accordingly. Furthermore, rangefinders come with features such as a built-in laser pointer and ballistics calculator, which can help an archer figure out the trajectory and other related information.

By using a rangefinder, archers can shoot more accurately and consistently and improve their accuracy rate. Then again, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to shooting an arrow, such as practice, practice, and more practice.

So, while a rangefinder is definitely an important tool for any archer, it’s ultimately up to the individual to put in the hard work to master their weapon.

So, if you’re looking for an essential piece of equipment for your archery arsenal, a rangefinder is definitely the way to go.

Are Rangefinders Better Than GPS?

Are you thinking to use GPS and rangefinders? Without any doubt, I can say both pieces of devices are fantastic in hunting and golfing careers. But if you don’t know the exact information, you can’t decide which will be the best choice for you. For this reason, I have compared both of the devices which will help you to take a better decision.

Actually, GPS functions on the base of a geographical system and It uses a satellite system. On the other hand, Rangefinders don’t use any satellite or geographical system. The main characteristic of GPS is that you can use it from different angles. You can fix the distance from the front, middle, and back.

On the contrary, Rangefinders have only one direction and you can see only the front or straight direction. But don’t lose your hope because rangefinders are more accurate in measuring distance. Rangefinders will give more precise and accurate measurements. That doesn’t mean GPS isn’t good at all.

GPS will give more information from different spots and that’s why you may fall into the puzzle to calculate the exact distance. If you want to talk about the price of these devices, GPS is more expensive than rangefinders. You can buy a rangefinder with half of the money of GPS. If the price of the rangefinder is $200, the GPS might be $500.

So, which will you choose for your hunting career? I shall recommend you to collect both of the devices if you are interested in spending money. Both devices have indefinite characteristics which will serve you from different perspectives.

What Percent of Hunters Use Bow?

Bow hunting is a primal hunting method and thanks to hunting passion that it still exists. As a hunter, you can ask this question how many people practice bow hunting? Let’s go through the survey of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service which was run in 2016. The following facts will fulfill your quench.

  • Over the 11millions of Americans go hunting that estimates 4.5% of the total population
  • While 32 percent of the total 11 million hunters go with a bow.
  • Fortunately, People are engaging more and more in bow hunting while other hunting methods go down.
The survey of Archery Trade Association in 2019 shows the average age of Bow hunters
55%Above 56 years
25%Between 36 and 55 years
20%35 years and younger

Gradually, More Americans are choosing bow as a hunting method. Especially Elderly and senior citizens are passionate about bow hunting as they stay in retirement.


At the end of my article, I want to conclude all confusion with a single word that you must need some devices like rangefinders. If You agree with me, you will collect a rangefinder soon for any hunting.

You have gone through the bow hunting and deer hunting paragraph in the above article and you have already reached in the decision that you should buy a rangefinder for successful hunting.

Bow and Archery are sensitive hunting methods and unexpected incidents can occur during hunting without precise and accurate distance measurement. Deer hunting is challenging when you stalk around the prey.

To stick around the animals perfectly, you need to choose a perfect rangefinder. Don’t forget to look over the total percentage of bow hunting that I mentioned in the last heading.

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