When Is the Best Time to Turkey Hunt in USA?

Ever heard the saying “timing is everything?” That is right as time is the most important element of our lives. If you are a dancer, you certainly know the significance of a musical beat, a baseball player has to know the time to hit that ball, and a stock market agent has to know the right time to play their cards.

So, you see time is the most notable factor that binds us all. Similarly, timing plays a vital role in hunting. You have to know the exact time to find your object and shoot at it. In the same way, knowing the best time to turkey hunt can prove to be beneficial for trappers.

Due to the increasing number of wild or domestic turkeys, hunting turkey has become a sport.  To be precise, the best time to go for turkey hunting begins from the beginning of spring to the middle or maybe till late fall. Wait, but this is not all of it, as there is more to this. Why don’t you read this post if this interests you?

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When Is the Best Time to Turkey Hunt in USA

There definitely is more to what the eye sees, as knowing about the hunting season may not be enough in this case. For this, you may need to be informed about some more details that are a must for turkey hunting. Here are a few facts that need to be stated as part of the Turkey Hunting Tactics:


It may sound crazy, but it was utilized by anglers and hunters, both way before even this theory was expounded. This is an age-old practice that people use to follow before John Alden Knight came out with it.

It was in 1926 when he disclosed movement of animals is directly affected by the moon and its phases. Today, this a widely acknowledged fact that has changed the way people trap animals.

Weather Conditions

Generally speaking, turkeys are very active in clear morning and during the early afternoon. Nonetheless, their activities decline with terrible climatic conditions. This also includes wind and heavy downpours. It has to be kept in mind that on rainy days, are neither vocal nor functional.


This brings us to discuss temperature that can directly have an effect on their call. Since these birds are very dynamic during moderate conditions, it’s been assessed that they are the most vocal in temperatures ranging between 60 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very similar to people, as it neither too hot nor too cold.


In general, wild turkeys prefer to live in thickly forested areas. With de-forestation, they have also learned to adapt and now can be found living in the woods. This is why, probably the best states to hunt wild turkeys are Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Alabama.


Just like the rainy and heavy forecast days, wind also plays an important part in hunting. Turkeys would remain quiet on windy days and wind hinders hearing ability of hunters. This becomes a big problem while hunting on breezy days; if you know what we mean.

You must keep all these factors in mind while taking up a sport like spring turkey hunting. You should not oversee these elements as these can make or break your hunting experience on the whole. As a matter of fact, we have laid down the basics here, all you have to do is to go along and monitor them in your chosen area.

We have further answered some more queries that may arise in your mind especially if you are a beginner. We have tried our best to explain the questions elaborately for you. Have a look at them.

What Time of Day Should I Hunt Turkeys?

We have already clarified that and it is a mix of the area you are in, your convenience, and the climate that should help you decide. It could be morning hunts or morning roost hunts, Afternoon hunts, Mid morning hunts, Midday hunts, and Night hunts.

Then there are the apps that help you hunting turkeys. That is correct, you can download apps that you can turn to while seeking help for some turkey hunting tips. You get both free and paid versions of these apps. If you wish to upgrade and use the apps at your disposal.

The point is with applications or without them, you are free to take your own call. You may also create your trail and own it. This could be fun and enrich you with better learning about the poule d’Inde hunting.

You may also read a few wildlife magazines and books if you want thorough information about these gobblers. That will give you a better understanding of their behavior, nesting, mating, and roosting habits. What say?

You need to decide as you will be in a better position to do so while in action. We will not know of the time you plan to go Hunt turkeys. Just remember that turkeys will not be much active during bad weather conditions.

Want To know The Best Hunting Times For Turkey?

Finding of hunting pressure can also help you determine the right time to Hunt turkeys. This is because barometric pressure unequivocally affects turkey gobbling. It has been found by researchers that the higher pressure, the more the gobbling. The same research says that they are most energetic between 29.9 inches to 30.2 inches.

We needed to tell you this because we wanted to give you an assumption about bird habits as a whole. We would like to clarify one more thing in this context that vocal birds get a boost in the mornings for faster movement. Furthermore, mornings disappear into afternoons. Afternoons don’t share the same consequences as mornings do.

Then again, as we mentioned a few turkey hunters would prefer Midday hunts, so afternoons may not be that bad to deal with. In a way, we can say you need to find a suitable time to hunt turkeys at your convenience.

Is it Truly Possible to Bag a Bird on Public Land?

Of course, it can be rewarding when you go to Hunt turkeys. In fact, it is believed that you need to do some homework before you set into it. Some places start to open up right after the deer hunting season is over.

As experienced hunters, we must tell you that you need not follow what other turkey hunters are doing. We would suggest you take the untrodden path and look for gobblers along the hillsides, ridge points, and logging roads (old ones) for them.

Again, take care of the hunting licenses that you may need in the state you are out to trap some birds. Follow bird habits, you will come to know of it with some experience, if possible. You can also read about them or watch a few videos for more.

See, we would request you to follow the wildlife rules and Hunting seasons as set by the states you are hunting in. Yes, the same applies for seeking turkey too. This is exactly why you should know everything about the best time to turkey hunt as well.

What we suggest is to stick to basics while trailing turkeys. Be it a tom or a hen, you must be careful with what you do. You can use a box calling device or a turkey mouth call, you need to plan it well. That will do it. All the best!

What Is The Best Time To Hunt Turkey?

We have already mentioned the time of the year, and if you want to know some specifics, then we have laid down some pointers here for you:

# Dawn

As far as the time is concerned to trap a gobbler, it would be dawn. That is correct as most birds gobble maximum at this time and it becomes easy for trappers like us to catch them. Go along the cackle and yelps for more assistance.

# Noon

See, you can also go for Afternoon hunts, when they typically are busy feeding. Toms at times would go looking for hens at this time and if you want to use a turkey calling gadget, then it may work in your favor. Using them can make your Midday hunts more interesting. It may take some time, but chances are high that you will hit a jackpot because the loners may be wandering at this time.

# Evening

Again, a few would say late evening is the best time to hunt for a turkeyThese birds are more about reaching their roosting area at this time. That certainly makes it a good time to locate them. It is true experienced hunters know that one of Turkey Hunting Tactics is to ambush them in the evening while they are on their way to roost.
The best way to go about this is to find a place in between their eating area and roosting place. That should do the trick!

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