SD40 VS SD40VE (2023 Updated) In-Depth Comparison

Did you know that Smith & Wesson is 170 years old company? Interesting, isn’t it? This American gun manufacturing company was established in 1852. They have created history and empowered Americans with safety for all these years. They believe this feeling of security allows people to focus on their path and achieve success.

This brings us to discuss the sd40 vs sd40ve as these are two of the most popular pistols of this company. Keep reading to know more.

Comparison of SD40 And SD40VE

Both SD40 and SD40VE are quality pistols manufactured by a reputed brand. They have qualities that may be different. We have recorded some of them in the table below and discussed some in the next segment in detail. First, have a look at the table then we will get into the deeper conversation.

Things To CompareSD40SD40VE
MagazineIt comes with 14 roundsStandard 14 rounds (15plus is optional)
Caliber.40 S&W.40 S&W
Length Of The BarrelThe length is 4 inchesThis too comes with 4 inches
WeightIts weight is 22.3 ozThe weight is 22.7 oz
ActionUses DOA that is striker-firedThis also uses striker-fired DOA
SightsAccompanies 3-dot (white)Comes along with white dot front and rear dove tails
GripThe grip is a textured polymerThis also has a textured polymer grip
PriceCheck Info on ImpactgunCheck Info on Cabelas

What Is The Basic Difference Between SD40 VS SD40VE?

The difference between SD40 and SD40VE lies in their finish. The VE has a smoother finish in comparison to the former. It also comes with an original night sight. On the other hand, the SD 40 has a manageable recoil that gives it an edge. We tried it with 25 yards with paper plates and the accuracy of SD 40 was commendable too.

What is SD40?


We have already said enough about Smith & Wesson and we think it is an honor to talk about their handguns. Both are striker fire pistols that make use of .40 S&W caliber. Without further ado, let us have a look at these firearms to comprehend what makes them so special.

What started in the 80s as a revolution with the advent of Glock has led us to the birth of the SD series. It must have been quite challenging for Smith & Wesson to build something away from their already established line of the M&P. Nonetheless, they were successful in creating a completely separate identity for the SD series.

The SD40 is a polymer-framed handgun that has been more reasonably priced than the M&P collection. It is almost the size of Glock 19 and has a standard ability to shoot. The manufacturer makes it evident that it is not a killing machine but an average pistol.

300 Blackout Twist Rate

Tp9sa Vs Tp9sf

What is SD40VE?

So, you want to invest in a firearm that brings you comfort, reliability, and safety all at the same time. We ask you not to look beyond the SD40VE. It is said that this is a substitution of the Sigma series by Smith & Wesson. The VE stands for “Value Edition” in this case.

It is a full striker semi-automatic pistol that has a double action safety trigger. It has a textured grip that does not slip out of your hands easily. It has some similar attributes to that of a Glock like the price tag and design. Yes, you may need to get accustomed to SD40VE if you are a first time owner of a full pistol.

Examining SD40 And SD40VE

The SD40 and SD40VE have a lot to offer. Yes, there are some more variances that we have recorded in this section for you. Just go through them and then decide which one fits the bill.


Both the guns are ergonomically designed. This renders them to be comfortable, safe, and accurate all at the same time. The SD40 is not ambidextrous and this is the only flaw that one can find in it. However, if you are a right-handed person like most of us here, then this will not be an issue.

On the flip side, the SD40VE is supposed to be an alternative to Glock 23 and Glock 22. This one comes with a polymer frame with a textured grip. This enhances your hold and that certainly adds to your shooting experience.


When we talk about the reliability of the SD40, we have realized that it is impressive. It has a controllable recoil that means even novices can do well with this gun in their hands. We have also learned that the sights work pretty well in daylight.

As for the SD40VE, we can say even though it has a weighty trigger, it never loses functionality. People with average hand size can handle this weapon with ease. It helps you find your tactical sweet spot if you know how to play with it.


The Smith & Wesson SD40 has taught us that smooth triggers can do wonders too! Unlike, the SD40VE, this gives you no problems while working with tight groups even at close ranges. Yes, you need to get accustomed to the VE for more.

Talking of the SD40VE, we must say that more than anything we found the sights to be very helpful. That is correct, as 3 White Dot front and rear sights provide you with ample visual cues. The distance between the dots allows locating your target quite efficiently.


In this part, we will talk about the general feel of the two guns. Both have textured grip that gives you control. In fact, the deflecting ridge in the VE has been designed to reduce magazine drops. What more can you ask of a gun?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is SD in SD40 and SD40VE?

These pistols come with Self Defense Trigger or SDT. This trigger adds to the accuracy and keeps the gun safe as well.

What is the Sigma series?

It is a project of Smith & Wesson that uses synthetic materials and high-strength polymer for constructing guns. These guns were very similar to Glock pistols that had similar operation and design.

Can SD40 and SD40VE be concealed?

These firearms are not that long and can be concealed effortlessly.

Our Verdict

Best Seller



Smith & Wesson SD40 VE Semi-Auto Pistol

  • Striker-fired action
  • 2-piece Self Defense Trigger
  • White dot front and dual white dot rear sight
  • Standard Picatinny rail
  • Aggressive front and backstrap texturing

We hope to have erased all doubts from your mind pertaining to sd40 vs sd40ve by now. Yes, VE may have a smoother finish but SD 40 is easy to shoot.  The fact is both the guns are considered good for self-defense makes sense.

Yes, we know during these testing times, we all need to protect our families. Installing a handgun on the nightstand could be beneficial for sure. Some of us have learned it the hard way. So, don’t delay and get one today!

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